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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  • Hey Wayne... You're my idol... ^^... btw greetings... I'm just starting street magic for 1 and a half year. i would like to have some tips from you. i also know some of yours... btw now i know how to just look at the trick and how to perform it,.. tnx
    Hey Wayne! Are you going to Magi-fest this year? I think last year you went and hung out with my best friend Nick Greene.
    Hey Wayne,

    I know im not a mod or anything, but I have set up a discussion of the top change in the card magic forum tonight that is going on right now. But i think few ppl are paying enough attention to it or not enough have tried the move because they are too scared they will get caught. I would be much obliged if you went to teh card forum and shared your views on this important topic. I think it would be important for those who are scared to do the move to see someone with your success share their views which are tried and true.

    Was wondering if you're ever going to release this 'T&R' of yours?

    Also, I heard you have a 'Ring Flight' of some sort, know where I can find it?
    wayne seriously im a big fan i would love to learn some stuff from you. im somewhat of a beginner but im a fast learner and i wouldnt mind making the drive out to chico. i know this is really improbable but i thought i would try. -dillon
    Hi Wayne you´re one of my favourite magicians! You've been an inspiration to me in magic . I have one question wich do you like better thread ore stigmata? Please respond. Johnny
    Thanks for fizzmaster on TA! that's one of my top 5 fav impromptu effects. I did it 4 times at a party lol.
    hey Wayne thanks so much for your contribution to magic with Art of Magic. I was curious where to find information about the effect candy scam?

    Thanks again
    Hey Wayne

    Ever since i started magic YOU really inspired me and awakend the passion in me.
    This may sound a little cheesy..but it´s true.I started magic about 2 years that time i was pretty ill and the only thing keeping me alive was the art of magic.
    You´re one of my idols and your way of performing is unique and sooo fu**** entertaining.
    Yeah thats preety much everything i wanted to tell you .... ^^

    ahh...are you currently working on something new?...What can we expect from you anytime soon?

    yeah thats pretty much it...hope hearing from you

    Patrick Art
    Hey wayne, Can't wait for the "Art Of Magic" DVD! Hope all goes well with it!
    I also have a daily habbit of watching your daily updates, and find them very entertaining and informative.
    Thanks for doin what you do,
    Hey Wayne!,
    Just thought I drop by and say how are things going and are you working on anything new?
    You've been an inspiration to me in magic and I thought I let you know.
    I loved Control (it's part of my mentalism act and I love using a borrowed necklace, having it go and making it stop when my pulse stops).
    I also loved Stigmata and Indecent and I hope to see more from you.
    Thanks and Peace
    Please Respond
    i have a trick im trying to market.Its definitly theory11 material how can i go about marketing it.Or getting some input on it from you guys to make it better.
    I saw your lecture at Cal Magic and thought it was really great. I was that kid with the crazy hair that asked you to sign my copies of Stigmata and Distortion.
    Hey Wayne I have the perfect idea for when you perform THREAD. Go up to a bunch of girls. Maybe one with a purse, and ask them if they have a mirror. If they have one borrow it and if they don't pull one out and say oh never mind I have one. After that pull out the thread. This is what you say. " hey do you girls floss daily, you do, good! Its very good to floss because if you don't plaque will start to build up, and we don't want that. Unfortunately for me I have a bad condition. Where I must floss in a special place or it will start to rot. It must be done every month and today is that day". You then continue to perform the effect. Its a good way to perform thread, you should try it. I tried it on my gf's friends and they freaked.
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