Aug 31, 2007
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theory11 artist, from Chico, CA

    1. DarkMagic
      Hey Wayne Just Wanted To Say Your A Big Inspiration To Me And EveryOne I Do Magic With.

      -----DarkMagicInc <<<<<Youtube
    2. The Tumbleweed
      The Tumbleweed
      Hi there Wayne,
      I was watching some of your stuff today and a thought came across my mind.
      You may be seen as a magician, especially on here, but you're something much more than that, you're generally just a good guy.
      When I started out in magic about 2 years ago you were definitely the person who stood out the most to me, I think it was because you reminded me a little of myself.
      When I first saw you perform I felt like I knew why I was doing magic, although I'm still not entirely clear even now why that is.

      So if you ever get around to reading this I just want to let you know that I wouldn't be where I am today without you, and I doubt I'd even be doing magic. Thanks for being a good guy. :)
      Josh T
    3. JmagiK
      Is now known to be the Best Magician In his School. Although there are the occasional people who think im freak. I always take that as a compliment. Thanks to THREAD.
    4. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
      wayne you rock.... just in case you didn't know
    5. mini magician
      mini magician
      I performed Thread today as part of a speech i did on geek magic and geek stunts it went over so well everyone freaked.
    6. JPIllusions
      Do you ever accept challenges from people on the forum? Because i wanted to know if mabye you would like to battle me in "Sinful" I'm pretty damn good at it. Get back to me if you want to. Thanks
    7. $OLDIER
      Hey wayne just knew it is your birthday and sorry im late buy Happy (B-D)ay... hope you had a great one... and cant wait for thread's release... :D :D :D

      Cya and tc
    8. JPIllusions
      hey wayne, just coming to say your tricks are the best coming out these days and sinfull and stigmata are great tricks. Can't wait for thread.
    9. GusEds
      Thanks, to you everyone at school thinks i'm a freak!

      Thanks for Stigmata ;)
    10. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
      Hey wayne, I know you did a strait jacket escape. I was wondering how long does it take to get good at getting out of it ( how much practice does it take )
    11. aceofspades156
      Hey Wayne! I'm not sure if ur gonna get around to reading this but im a new member on theory eleven and already ur a big inspiration. i just ordered distortion, i havn't gotten it yet but i've seen u do it and i am psched to get it!

      -ace of spades
    12. PullusGallinaceus
      You're amazing man.
      It's great to talk with you here.
    13. seanybravo4
      Hey Wayne, just wanted to stop by and say thank you. You are the only reason I am still doing magic at the moment. You are my greatest inspiration, and your creations of our art has gotten me through some tough times. Thank you.

    14. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
    15. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
      i love you wayne
    16. DoveMagic
      Wayne, I just wanted to say Stigmata was brilliant and has helped me so much. It is a fantastic effect.
    17. jokers rule
      jokers rule
      did you meet a kid at pier 39,on a saturday the 9th by the name of joey.And had lunch with him.
    18. arkelen
      I just wanted to say you are an amazing magician and ive loved everything you have made especially control. I preform that a lot and people freak so much its brilliant! But i was also wondering how did you get discovered as a magician, and any tips on how to be discoverd, and like what got you to how famous you are today? Thanks for your time
    19. Jack Webster
      Jack Webster
      how are you so awesome?
    20. Teddy94
      You're probably not going to respond, but I just wanted to tell you Stigmata is brilliant, and Control was incredibly entertaining.
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