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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  • hahahahaha ok man
    but if you want to change the deadline or battle in the future just sent me a menssage
    hey about the batlle i will sent you the invite, what do you think about 4 days deadline?
    Nah, not really, haha... but I can see that my 16th year is going to be a good one! :)
    Ok, cool! Really sounds amazing! Just need the money now, haha.
    Well you start tearing it and they finish it, so basically most of the tear has already been completed. It doesn't matter how they finish it.
    Lol, same here! I was too gullible by falling into all the hype. Also, one more question about the 'Intercessor'...does it matter how big the spectator tears off the corner, or do they still have total control of how big or small they want to tear it?
    Haha, yeah! You won't believe how much stuff is on my list of 'What to Get!" Haha
    Haha, I think I may go with blue! Just have to make the money, to buy this and all the other effects I want, lol.
    Wow, sounds like a good idea! And I LOVE adding psychological subtleties into my magic! Also, I was just about to order this when I saw the price tag! LOL And idea you could send me yours, for half price! :p Haha, kidding! Also, post on my profile, because it's hard to see your comments! :'(
    Well, personally I've never had the corner signed. I've never thought of it. But in the booklet it does mention it might strengthen the effect, as when they recreate it later, they're brain will connect the dots and think the whole card was signed, especially if you've done a signed card routine earlier, like an ACR. It's a neat little subtlety. :D I think I might start doing it, actually.
    Wow! Sounds AWESOME! I can't stress how much that sounds INSANE! Definitely looking into this! Thanks for the review! But one more thing, does signing the corner add anything to the effect? I know it fits perfectly, but you know, there are those spectators who will claim you did something! For 'Angle Zero' I never had the card or corner signed, but just wanted to know about that for this effect!
    So could you say, 'Intercessor' by Gaetan Bloom, is perfect for walkaround and table-hopping?

    Also, are there any dupes? Not trying to go into exposure, but I always perform 'Angle Zero' by Daniel Madison-which doesn't use any dupes- but woud like to know to see if I have to carry an extra something!

    Thanks... I'll probably be picking this up soon.

    Any other products you recommend from Outlaw?
    Kioku is something I've been wanting to pickup from Outlaw... is it really worth it?

    Also, would it be perfect for walkaround, such as restaurant work?
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