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  1. willabbotsm

    Tricks to floor nonbelievers?

    "Non-believers"? I think you mean suspension of belief. I learned the term from Jay Sankey's book, Beyond Secrets. It's keeping people in awe, and entertaining them enough so they don't start thinking methods, and just pretend it's real for a little while. You're not trying to make them think...
  2. willabbotsm


    Wow! congratulations. :D
  3. willabbotsm

    Do you click/snap your fingers?

    I agree wholeheartedly. If there is no defined "magic moment", people won't see it as magic. They'll think, "how did he get that card in his pocket while I wasn't looking", rather than "how did that card appear in his pocket when he snapped his fingers?" It may seem mundane, but a defined...
  4. willabbotsm

    Why do you spend your life doing magic/cardistry?

    Well, I don't spend my life doing magic and cardistry. They're just something I'm passionate about. Some people say magic is their life, to that I say your life must suck; as magic isn't meant to be a means to live by. Learning magic has a certain logic to it, and I think that comes in handy...
  5. willabbotsm


    It can be done either way. The most efficient in my opinion is to just drop your hands to the side, like you're just standing. Remember, don't let the sleights limit you. Act freely and relaxed, and they will go by unnoticed.
  6. willabbotsm

    5 Sleights for the Rest of Your Life

    That's a tough one! -Double Lift -Classic Pass -Spread Cull -Classic Palm -Top Change With those 5 you can perform an incredible array of incredible effects
  7. willabbotsm

    New iPhone Effect - Mike Hankins

    EDIT: Just read the explanation... realized it doesn't have to do with software. Nevermind!
  8. willabbotsm

    $4.95 Discount Not Working?

    Just got the email! Congrats to you guys for fixing this! Shinobi control is downloading as I type... w00t
  9. willabbotsm

    Flourishing/Cardistry/XCMing Battle

    Oh SHNAP! I wanna see UknownMagician93 vs MLB re-match. Last battle def. went to UM93, but let's see who's the playa now... :D
  10. willabbotsm

    How to create a 'tingling' sensation?

    Tell them you love them.
  11. willabbotsm

    $4.95 Discount Not Working?

    There will always be the questionable opportunists among us.... nothing we can do to change that. The people who see the system in a whole different perspective. Shame they had to go along and do that. I'd suggest to disable new accounts from the same IP address, but that won't work because an...
  12. willabbotsm

    Why are Jason England's downloads so expensive?

    Well, If I asked you to pay $20 for a pad of flash paper, you wouldn't, right? You also wouldn't pay $5 for a Vernet Thumb Tip. These things are commodities that can be overpriced, simply because they're objects who's worth can be set to a specific value. When you get into books and DVDs, we're...
  13. willabbotsm

    Why are Jason England's downloads so expensive?

    I opened Jay Sankey's Kaleidoscope. 30 effects, $25. That's $0.83 an effect. But whatever, I'm done with this whole Jason England thing. He's an excellent card handler, and is spectacular at many sleights. I'm not fond of the way he does some stuff, but nobody's perfect.
  14. willabbotsm

    Why are Jason England's downloads so expensive?

    I'll be honest, I don't know when the Zarrow shuffle first appeared in print. That doesn't affect the validity of my claim at all, thought you try to say it does, out of desperation for your argument. here's my opinion (remember, opinions are legal. I hope I don't get bashed by anyone for...
  15. willabbotsm

    Cardless cardistry?

    no. cardistry without the cards? You should call it airistry. And, you heard it from me, first. :D
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