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William Draven
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  • As far as books go I have The Royal Road and Expert Card technique. I am horrid at the pass and palming which take away a lot of things I'm sure. I do have some time to find and practice some new material. I had thought about Blank Night by John Archer being something I can do. Also some sort of grand prediction style trick, maybe card to impossible location or something like that. As soon as I can start filming I will. I can see the advantages to it.
    As the owner put it he wants the whole audience to see the effects but I have no stage and won't be farther than 15 feet away from them. It will be one or two 15 to 20 min sets between music acts and he knows I do not have professional experience. As soon as I can get something filmed I will. Thank you so much.
    well here is the thing its a little bit more complicated than that. I have never done anything like this before and now have the opportunity. I am not sure how to come up with a routine for this gig. here are the details:
    1. It is a café style restaurant with roughly 11 tables seating 4 each
    2. It will be for business dinner parties.
    3. Its not quite close up style but not on a stage, almost parlor magic
    4. I don't have much knowledge outside of cards and have some time to learn whatever I may need to.
    5. I know I was kind of jumping the gun but I couldn't pass up the chance.
    6. I do not currently have the resources to film my performances

    This is crazy I know but I am determined to make it work. I just really need some guideance
    I was wondering if there was any way I could ask you for some advice on my first close up show? I've seen you give some advice to a lot of people and could really use some myself.
    HEY man! I just wanted to say I was at the show you put on at Anime Expo. You guys were awesome and I absolutely was blown away by you guys. I would love to watch it again. :D Great job.
    This is one of the links along the left side of the Profile page. Thought maybe you'd know something about it.

    Hope you're having a busy Halloween season.
    QUESTION: I found a link to a Blog of some kind but when I click it I'm told I'm not allowed to view it.

    What is it and why am I not allowed in?
    Congratulations on your Magic Magazine feature... I personally love Magic and well... the magazine too... so I will keep a look out for your feature! bravo my magic friend... :)
    Dear Mr. Draven, your recent levitation photo tipped me to your strong visual sense. Are you a stage magician? I think you would be a grand one.

    Wishing you health, happiness and success on this stage we call our life,

    Hey Draven, how have you been? I hope everything is going great for you man, just passing to say hi .
    Heya, Mr. Draven, I just wanted to stop by and say hey. I saw a video of you swallowing fire. One word: EPIC.
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