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Dec 1, 2008
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William Draven

Male, from Las Vegas

Making Magic Happen.... Feb 23, 2017

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Sep 17, 2018
    1. WilliamMckeehan
      how are you doing?! Keep up the great posts they are very helpful!

      btw you got some awesome pictures!
    2. Jenai
      Im sorry. Check your PMs please
    3. ZacEckstein
      Again excellent work, I just read your "You've Got Talent" essays, and "The Audience Doesn't Care" Essay pt. 1-2. Have you ever considered lecturing and making these essays into notes? If you came up with a couple of magic effects to sell or teach I would probably pay 30 to 50 bucks to go see you. Invaluable information in those essays you write. Excellent work.
    4. ZacEckstein
      I just read your How To Get Gigs And Keep Clients. I really want to thank you for writing those, I had a million questions before I started reading and finished with 2 million answers! You are truly a beast lol. I am having my manager read these now. I had printed them and made some copies. Seriously man, good work!
    5. M.Thariath
      Is your name really William Draven? I'm asking because Draven is a friggin awesome last name
    6. visualartist
      Look,I know what you mean. Still,Its great on some level but due to almost living with bodybuilders and muay thai practicioneers along with myself that doesnt impress me much. I didnt go as far to say that what he did was stupid or worthless,just that not everone will feel the same excitement as much as others. Its better to ignore comments of people who did not find it impressive. There is no reward in acknowledging them.
      Ive had to hold two 25 pound plates for a svend press for 3 sets of 12 reps. Its sheer hell. And this was during the first few weeks I began training
    7. dontavius+R

      "I wish you people would do your research better.

      Doctor Facilier (pronounced Fac-Ill-Ea) is a Voodoo Witch doctor & palm reader who has some kind of pack with the dark spirits of voodoo (known as the Loa). Though the movie does not clarify I surmise that the Loa he's made a pact with is Baron Samedi, given that Samedi's influences is that of the dead and the crossroads. Alas I digress.

      While Doctor Facilier may give the impression of a magician, at fault of the character department no doubt, he is in fact NOT a magician. I think it's a bit of a misnomer to call him such seeing how magicians accomplish their craft through illusions and misdirection.

      As to the flourish... yeah, that would look neat if you could actually do it. "
    8. Jv
      Glad you like it!
    9. Jv

      Did you recieve the picture?
    10. Luis Vega
      Luis Vega
    11. Cedric Taylor
      Cedric Taylor
      hey buddy , check out the forum discussion, "about help with a project"...your opinion is very much needed...
    12. AshleyHall
      Thanks William for the ROCKIN REPLY!!! Many happy returns... keep up the great work here on the forums, you spread much needed sunshine, you really do :-)
    13. AshleyHall
      Hey William,

      I haven't had a lot of time to get on the T11 site and read all of your stuff, however I think I'm going to like what I am reading. You along with Rudy Coby offer some of the best manuscripts on magikal thinking and just an all around package, I just wanted to thank you for providing myself and those who want to make themselves better performers, a piece of your genious... THANK YOU, please keep doing what you are, at least you know I am benifitting from your postings and that says alot. :-) LOVE your Avatar BTW!
    14. sergioc007
      Hello, my name is Sergio. My friend Chris said I should talk to you and said I could find you here on Theory 11.
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    November 17
    Home Page:
    Las Vegas
    Real Name:
    William Draven
    I am a close up artist and street magician with a flare for performing carnival Freakshow effects

    Paintball, Theater, Games


    Winner SNC 6/5/2010 "What Magic Means to You?"
    Winner SNC 8/22/2010 "Best Dramatic Work" for Theory11 Movie Night
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