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  1. William Draven

    The Academy of Magical Arts/Magic Castle Membership Advice

    Ah, the AMA. If that's a place you want to belong to then it can be done. Networking is probably your best bet. Attend conventions, go to SAM and IBM meetings. Meet and befriend others, and it shouldn't be long before you've got enough signatures to process the application.
  2. William Draven

    Need more suggestions for my book & dvd collection!

    Card Startlers by Paul Gordon comes to mind, and Scripting Magic by Peter Macabe (I hope I spelled his name right...)
  3. William Draven

    Brand New Magician

    Good Evening! And welcome to the community. You've got some pretty awesome questions so let me see if I can't offer my own insight. Seeing as I'm not the first one to respond, I'm sure I've probably echoed some other peoples advice but here goes. These are pretty commonly occurring...
  4. William Draven

    No Stupid Questions

    May as well toss in my two cents. Why is Learning magic on YouTube bad? It's a good way to learn a bad trick. Most people putting stuff on youtube are either inexperienced themselves, having just learned a trick, or are in violation of ethical behavior, which is never good to begin...
  5. William Draven

    Draven Reviews: The Perfect Personality Test by Paul Draper and Jamie Salines

    The Perfect Personality Test by Paul Draper and Jamie Salines Five questions... Psychological tie ins, a little dabbling with the Hero's Journey, and two master entertainers combine to give the community one of the most entertaining Personality Tests I've ever seen. The Perfect Personality...
  6. William Draven

    Magic for Humans uses camera tricks?

    If you are fooled by a trick using a stooge, then the magic wasn't for the stooge. It was for you. To that end, it was successful.
  7. William Draven

    How to Get Tips?

    I've been itching to write another essay in recent months. I've been thinking about the subject of busking. Performing for tips, be that on the street or at a banquet, party, etc. How to get them? How to maximize your earning potential? etc. Would anyone find this useful?
  8. William Draven

    Draven Review's The Vault: Endless Chain

    Call it what you will, Fast & Loose, Pinch the Garter, Endless Chain, this carnival scam has been around for centuries. It's an easy game of chance in which the controller is in full power to decide who wins and loses. It's a wonderful scam perfect for any conman type character and is one of...
  9. William Draven

    Theory11 Discord Channel?

    I concur with the above. I'm not above starting the server myself, but I think it would be better if someone on the T11 team does it, or at the very least sponsors and supports it.
  10. William Draven

    Theory11 Discord Channel?

    @Jonathan Bayme & Team, Why don't we have a T11 Discord channel to live chat about magic? I'd be willing to start one up if you guys wanted to throw the official support behind it. Or I'd be glad to join if you guys wanted to start it up yourself. Just seems like something we should...
  11. William Draven

    Does it make a difference to the spectators?

    It can really depend on what you're trying to do. If you're doing a chain of similar style effects, such as Ambitious for example, or object to impossible location, then having different methods will help conceal what you are doing. Otherwise, I'd say no. I'd say stick to what you are...
  12. William Draven

    Draven Reviews: In Between by Michael Kociolek

    Title: In Between Artist: Michael Kociolek Producers: Michael Kociolek Link: Retail Price: $7.00 USD Learning Difficulty: Advanced Length of PDF: 36 Pages Michael Kociolek has released a beautiful sandwich style effect with...
  13. William Draven

    Draven Reviews: Double Duke by Michael Kociolek

    Title: Double Duke Artist: Michael Kociolek Producers: Michael Kociolek Link: Retail Price: $8.00 USD Learning Difficulty: Advanced Length of PDF: 33 Pages Apparently gambling routines are among the most exciting card...
  14. William Draven

    Review: Street Hot Rod (Magic Makers)

    Omg... the video... How hard do you have to try to sell a hot rod? It's a hot rod people! I laughed so hard at the video that I fell out of my chair.
  15. William Draven

    Draven Reviews: D'Angelo's Touch by: Rafael D'Angelo

    Title: D’Angelo’s Touch Artist: Rafael D’Angelo Producers: Luca Volpe Link: Available At Your Favorite Murphy’s Magic Dealer Demo Video Link: Retail Price: $35.00 USD Learning Difficulty: Intermediate Length of Video: Varies between videos. Notes: Small booklet approx. 16 pages...
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