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  • Hey William, Thank you for your interest in the convention. As of right now we are selling the tickets through kickstarter at a much cheaper rate than they will be afterward. I would love for you to come and compete so feel free to buy a ticket and make sure you tell all of your friends. On our thread, I posted a corrected link to the kickstarter page. If you have any questions about the convention, feel free to ask! Thanks again!
    Sure, Caliber is a "Card to Impossible Location" where the performer never touches the deck and the spectator handles the deck from beginning to end.

    Slight set-up, very quick reset (depending on which one you do), and I also include my favorite effects possible with it.

    Only for 13$...

    Inferno Kaiser
    Nothing much, myself.

    Trying to get more people interested in my effect, [Project] | Caliber, but nothing so far.

    How about yourself?

    Inferno Kaiser
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