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    Favorite Magicians?

    I love Apollo Robins and David Copperfield. Their misdirection is exemplary. The only difference between a con artist, a pickpocket, and an illusionist is their goal.
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    Holiday Wheel - How'd you do?

    All I got was 750 elite points. No prize. Is that decent?
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    Holiday Wheel

    That...was just a video. No, there are no sound effects like that playing Darth Vader yelling. That would be cool, though.
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    Holiday Wheel

    Just bought a wristband with the points I earned. Eh, at least it's something. I've just been getting points and the well-sought-after "No rewards".
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    Holiday Wheel

    +50 Elite points. Well, it's better than nothing. *All I want for Christmas is Elite membership Elite membership Elite membership Oh, all I want for Christmas...*
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    Holiday Wheel

    Oh, yeah! I'm saving up for the split spade pin before it's gone. I think it's a little overpriced but it's not like I can get it anywhere else.
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    The Incredibles.

    The Incredibles.
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    Holiday Wheel

    I got a rock. (No Reward)
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    Brief intro

    I think my grandparents were Jewish, even though I grew up in a Christian household as well. I guess that makes us part masonic Jew?? We celebrate some festivals, though, like Satyr and all that. Well, anyways, glad to have you on the forums! We're pretty chill about a lot of stuff as long as...
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    Coin Magic...a dying art?

    I don't feel like I can say with authority coin magic is on the rise (because frankly, I don't get out that often), but I'm definitely seeing a lot more coin slights nowadays. I personally am starting to get into them and can say for certain they really bring up your dexterity. P.S. Whoa...
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    Alternatives to close up pads

    I personally either don't have the money to buy one or when I do, I find something else better to spend it on. I usually practice on this nice piece of tartan that I use in my magic chest to prevent humidity getting to my cards. It works well if you clip it together, is portable, sports Scotland...
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    david blaine: beyond magic

    Yeah, that's true. I didn't think about that. Different circumstances call for different reactions. i.e. different personalities. To me, it didn't feel like that, though. Eh, but what do I know?
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    david blaine: beyond magic

    Ha-ha! I just saw it this morning and thought to myself "there's gonna be a thread about this near the top". I've been in magic about two years now and this is actually the very first performance I've ever seen in my life! I know, hard to believe. Maybe I had too high of expectations, or I...
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    Holiday Contest Wheel

    So, does it cost money to spin the wheel? Or is it like one spin per member or something like that?
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    If I have $70, what should I spend it on?

    Gumballs. 280 of them. In all seriousness, it depends on what you like. If you're an advanced illusionist, you might like Anthology by Danial Madison. I wouldn't know for sure, though. I've only heard it's decent. I haven't bought it due to my "skills" and the fact that I'm low on money.
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