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    Derren Brown: The Events

    The Events No he didn't reveal the real method, hopefully it will be on youtube for you guys if I find a link I'll add it here. It as also ways was an excellent show, the third explanation was the best & he said 'If anyone asks me how did I predict the lottery, I'll reply it's just a...
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    PSI series or Pyschological Subtleties 2 & 3

    Both the PSI Series & Psychological Subtleties are well worth your money, pick-up the books first & then the PSI Series.
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    Derren Brown: The Events

    The Events Derren Brown to predict lottery results Derren Brown has just predicted the National Lottery Results, Derrens was 100% correct. Well done Derren Brown, one of the best performers of our time.
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    Woah! How Is This Done?

    It looks very much like the start of an excellent effect that Bill Malone performs on 'Malone Meets Marlo'. Here a link for the video: I perform Alex Elmsley's version 'Mini-Milton', it's a very strong effect.
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    David Blaine - What is magic. New Special?

    What Is Magic. I've been waiting for David Blaine's Bullet Catch, i like the idea of the Bullet Catch effect. & how it can be performed in the 21St century with todays technology, showing every aspect of the effect. It will be interesting to see how David Blaine's version differs from other...
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    Derren Brown: The Events

    The Events Derren Brown to predict lottery results Derren Brown will attempt to predict the lottery results this Wednesday in the first episode of his new series, The Events. The illusionist will broadcast live from a secret location and, in a television first, Channel 4 will show the...
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    Psychological Subtleties 3 Question?

    When Banachek written, Psychological Subtleties 2 it had a large amount of additional material, including commercial routines and tips from friends, that in total would have made that book too large to fit the format of the series. Also Banachek withheld some strong material with the intent of...
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    Name of chair...?

    I think what your looking for is not a chair but a book call 'Zapped! The Electric Chairs Book by Ricki Dunn, Paul Daniels use to perform an excellent version of this here: It can be done with any Chair's at all, the folding chair I've never performed...
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    In my many years of magic (6) haha

    I guess you have not read '202 Methods of Forcing' by Annemann, there are all sorts of force's in here.
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    Derren Brown: The Events

    I guess your on about the £40million heist in London a few weeks back, no he wasn't they have people for the robbery.
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    Derren Brown: The Events

    Derren Brown The Events Derren Brown for me is easily one of the very best mentalist-(psychological Illusionist) around, he's very unique & displays excellent showmanship. Something Wicked This Way Comes was excellent, if you have not seen this yet you need to see it. The whole hour show built...
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    Hummingbird card

    A classic effect, needs plenty of practice there more of a knack to it. But once mastered you'll enjoy performing it.
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    David Forret's Sanctum

    DAVID FORREST'S Sanctum The Card through Window plot is well known from magician's to laymen, David Forrest's Sanctum is a miniaturised version of the CTW effect. Here's the official spam: A CARD IS CHOSEN. A CORNER IS TORN OFF. THE CORNER PENETRATES...
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    Derren Brown: The Events

    Here just some info about the Events: Derren Brown is back with his most extraordinary series yet, 'THE EVENT'. Filmed for Channel 4 in front of a live studio audience, this series is made up of four one hour specials - during which Derren will attempt some of the most incredible feats to...
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    David Forrest Fan's Five New Instant Downloadable Effects

    David Forrest has released Five New Instant Downloadable Effects, for £3.95/around $6.50 each. 'REFORM' - A self-working torn & restored card. 'FORECAST' - A prediction deck. 'PRETEXT' - Make impossible predictions. 'ACAAN AGIAN' - Any Card At Any Number. 'STAPLE' - A stunning...
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