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    Essays for 2011. What would you like to know?

    your thoughts on scripting would make a great essay,
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    Saturday Night Contest - New Year's Resolutions

    I probably wont be able to prove any of this but i hope to finish scripting magic this week.. and this year i hope to keep pounding out on a character... and have a workable SCRIPTED act.
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    Forum Glitch: IE Crash

    he was giving the team a heads up so that they could fix the issue for other members who may not have a different browser. he was not looking for help. he clearly found a way to use the forums.. but i'm pretty sure this is a problem the team would like to clean up. and in case you feel like...
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    My Boss Likes DRESSCODE!

    something in this story inspired me. i often will just wear a white t-shirt with a hoody. i'm thinking about dropping a french fry loaded with ketchup on my white shirt at lunch swapping in a new shirt. now i can either put in a totally different shirt. or i could just put a new white...
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    Sooo... I found a deck of Jerry's

    good work.
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    15 and Wanting to Begin Restaurant Magic

    good luck man. i hope its easier to find a restaurant job in Vancouver than it is here.
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    JACKS & JOKERS apparel

    dude i'd be all over these shirts if they weren't so cashy. and yes i know t11 sells them cheaper than the designer. still too much.
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    Deck Of The Year?

    i really like red bikes personally, sharpie shows up better. but a deck of Bee anything is always a plus
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    Apollo Robbins on the Science of Misdirection (Forbes)

    do we still quote for truth around here? if so. quoted for truth!
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    Apollo Robbins on the Science of Misdirection (Forbes)

    those were very very good.
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    Sponge Ball Magic

    i would also recommend Oddballs by scott strange. Great DVD and it comes with a few very versatile sleights. that he has already put into routines. but only after you've picked up SPONGE or one of the other DVD's recommended above.
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    Dress Code Presentation

    yeah, my word choice probably wasn't the best. but you get my point. not quite like that, but close enough that it needs work.
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    Dress Code Presentation

    my favorite idea for this is do a number force. very similar to the name change thing. just a number force. have a ton of numbers all over the shirt and then drop all but like 1089 all spread out across it. i like the rising card. it also would make a great card revelation. you could do...
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    SMOKE & MIRRORS v5 Playing Cards - Released

    even then, don't use your debit card online. that goes directly to your own money. i have one, and i still borrow my moms credit card to make purchases.
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    SMOKE & MIRRORS v5 Playing Cards - Released

    sorry guys, i just like to correct misconceptions. or incorrect information.
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