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  • Hey man. Read your post about your new color change. I'd be more than happy to help. But i'd say first see for yourself i if you like the quality or not. Cause if you're not happy with it no one else will.

    Hello Ian...I am writing the podcast..see before I record it I like to write it in order to avoid things like "uhm...see...so.."
    I hope to have it sent it by wednesday!!
    Thanks man, I changed the signature! And yeah, the disc is brand new and shipping is included!
    Bad stuff, yeah I have seen Raiker do that before, thanks anyway, man I look forward to battle you (that sounds sooo nerd :) )
    Hey, im not sure if my pm was sent but I'll tell you here jsut to be sure. I Can't find my camera, I thought I knew where it was, but is not :(. so I noticed that you haven't submitted a video and I was going to ask you if you could leave it that way, since I can't submit one myself.

    But once I find my camera, I promise y will send you a challenge. Thanks man
    Hmmm, it was shipped to the address you supplied and that was it. It was sent there for sure, but it sucks you had to move half way in between. If whoever lives there now does not have it, i have no idea where it could be. It never came back to Canada so someone must have accepted it somewhere there...
    We will be having more contests soon so maybe you can win another prize then!
    yeah,its true.
    Thats why I like to rock the boat here. I may get a tad overboard but its better than fitting in with most of these..people
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