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    Saturday Night Contest - Trick Photography My entry
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    Saturday Night Contest - Pieces of Silver

    Here is a little vanishing technique i just came up with it's hort and simple but very clean and it uses no gimmicks at all i hope you like it :-)
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    Saturday Night Contest - School Is Out!

    Not something completely new but I love this trick. I hope you like it.
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    Favorite Sybil

    I love the Imposyble cut
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    Saturday Night Contest - Structure (EXTENDED)

    my entry i really hope you like it
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable :: Andrei Jikh

    What are you going to do after Genesis? any new big Projects after g1,2 and 3?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Magic!

    Here is my entry for the contest i hope you like it
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    Saturday Night Contest - Playing Card Commercial

    here is my first entry for a Saturday Night Contest i hope you like it
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    Voting Open: Freestyle

    Listen, if you are not going to listen to our advise, do yourself a favor and STOP MAKING VIDEOS!!! Magic and flourishing are supposed to be enjoyable, you're ego isn't making this very fun for anyone. oh you think so then f*** you !!!!!!!
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    Voting Open: Freestyle

    yes maybe i over reacted a little bit to much but if somebodey say i have to practice mor i'm going to be very angree and i hate that.I like to do battles on this site and if i lose what ever.I have fun on this site and every day i'm going to be i just have fun.
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    Voting Open: Freestyle

    first everybodey have to shut up. secound i do xcm since april this year and nobody of you knows how long i practice this stuff so, this is for everyone who said i should more practice: ,, Shut up!!!!!!! ''. I practice every day and thats every time ok? maby you are do this **** longer then me...
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    Voting Open: Freestyle

    what do you actually want . You are just say some **** at something you don't know.I got an message for all of you : shut up and look at your own fingers ok? perfect. and RDChopper we can also make a magic live well everybodey
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    Voting Open: Freestyle

    pfff your words as the same **** as in your head if you think your soooo good make a battle against me.and oh befor i forget it **** YOU !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Voting Open: Freestyle

    are you normal in your brain is it your problem how much i practice? do you know how much i practice? So Shut up!!!! and that music is an audioswap by youtube it wasn't my music ok?
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    Voting Open: Freestyle

    and if you vote for me you get virtual 2 hugs :D :P
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