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  1. yipyiphiphip

    Where Can I Sell Magic?

    I bought Vapr by Will Tsai about a year or two ago and in that time only used a couple cartridges. Other than that I haven't touched it. Do you guys know of any places I can sell it? I don't do magic any more and it's pointless for me to even have. Thank you!
  2. yipyiphiphip

    Saturday Night Contest - Throwback

    Entry 2 - DECOY
  3. yipyiphiphip

    Saturday Night Contest - Throwback

    Entry 1 - WERM
  4. yipyiphiphip

    Saturday Night Contest - Falling In Love

    Two words. Riffle Fan. It blew my mind way out of my head. I was like, How?
  5. yipyiphiphip

    Deck Trading Sites?

    does anyone know good websites to use to trade decks of playing cards. If you have any information please let me know. Thanks for your time - Calvin
  6. yipyiphiphip

    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl 50

    Broncos will win 22-16 Broncos will win 11-8
  7. yipyiphiphip

    Card Palms

    I have lately been trying to work on palms but everybody notices because the card sticks out of my small hands. Know any solutions or even palms that don't rely on hand size. Hope to hear from you guys soon!
  8. yipyiphiphip

    Looking For The Name Of A Deck

    I have seen a deck before on various parts of the internet with writing under the pips of the card. If anyone knows the name of this deck or something similar could you please let me know. Anyways, have a nice day everyone! - Calvin
  9. yipyiphiphip

    Saturday Night Contest - Fact Check!

    Mostly guessing but: 1. False 2.True 3.True 4.True 5.False 6.True 7.False 8.True 9.False 10.False
  10. yipyiphiphip

    Free giveaway

    Dang! Missed it!
  11. yipyiphiphip

    Saturday Night Contest - One Card Only

    My Entry ! I call it windmill, don't judge
  12. yipyiphiphip

    Saturday Night Contest - Celebrating 40k!

    Here is my entry!
  13. yipyiphiphip

    Questions about the archive...

    I've ordered many things from the archive and shipping is free, you don't even have to enter your credit card info! There probably is a lot in stock plus not a lot of people want to spend there hard earned points on a deck that you can buy on ebay for $15
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