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    Your First DVD?

    David Stone's REAL MAGIC dvd I love it... the teaching is great... and i use many of the routines
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    Infant by papercraneproductions

    I love how he just runs away at the end... funny stuff
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    Bending Coins

    thats what i do Use a thin piece of cardboard (i've never tried a playing card though) and simply wrap the coin in it and bend away
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    What to buy what to buy...

    There are some great books teaching coin magic... It depends what you want to learn... sleight of hand, gimmick, etc.
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    Worst Guesses

    Once i performed silver dream for a family friend (and i had braces at the time) so she thought that the coins were magnetic and they stuck to my braces... also, one time i performed factory sealed, and the person thought that i had one side of the coin painted to look camouflage and that i...
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    How do you perform?

    It all really depends on what I am performing... With something such as stigmata, i'll try to do my routine so that the effect looks as creepy and real as possible... so i kinda start off by saying "there's this weird thing that i can do..." But with other things it is different... If...
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    Redline 1-on-1 by Dan Hauss

    I just got this a few days ago... its really clever I don't see myself performing it too much but i'll give it a go sometime
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    Making a Trick

    I actually recently created a soda transposition trick: You show two cans of coke, open them, poor each out onto the floor (pointing out that coke comes out of the coke can and sprite out of the sprite can), then with a snap of my fingers i pour out each onto the floor again, ONLY THIS TIME...
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    Linking Witness and Indecent

    I don't know how witness is done... but maybe you can perform witness, then have the card signed and then simply perform indecent
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    t11 special edition SNC - 24 Hour Video Challenge + Winner

    i will take you on in pogo-stick skills
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    THAT was the "Dive of Death"?

    I know... i was all hyped up... i was like this has gotta be so cool wat is he going to do... and then... he just falls while hooked up to a cable and then is pulled up and it doesn't really even look like he vanishes... i bet it was better live but still... HOW ANTICLIMACTIC
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    Best Opener

    i usually like to open with something very simple... i find that if you start out with something complicated it makes the spectator feel a little bit threatened which then leads then into heckling you a little bit... also, i dont usually like to start out with something that involves an obvious...
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    there are a couple of good cellphone effects on the market... i would try one of those
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    The new Gaff Battle

    what is the challenge?
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    d+M's Psychological Force Parody

    hahahah.... we are so mature on this forum
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