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    Saturday Night Contest - Blake Fact or Fiction

    1- True 2- True 3- True 4- True 5- True 6- False 7- True 8- False 9- False 10- False 11- True
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    Saturday Night Contest - Tribute to Rod

    This is usually how I end my ACR. No dupes ! Thanks, - Yousaf
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Oscars!

    1. Best Picture - Birdman 2. Best Actor (Leading Role) - Eddie Redmayne 3. Best Actress (Leading Role) - Julianne Moore 4. Best Animated Feature Film - How to train your dragon 2 5. Best Director - Richard Linklater - Boyhood
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    Saturday Night Contest - Something Rare

    Decided to throw together another for fun ! Thanks, /// Y:E ///
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    A cry for help

    Thank you all for your help ! I'll look into Dean Dill and Steve Dobson. I am also going to re read and re learn the basics. I'll see how it goes. Thanks again to all of you for helping /// Y:E ///
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    Saturday Night Contest - Something Rare

    My entry- Was going for a noir vibe. I feel that this is how Smoke and Mirrors are best depicted. Thank You /// Y:E ///
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    A cry for help

    Hey Guys ! It's been quite a while since I've posted here for several reasons, school, work, etc. However, the biggest reason is because of being burned out. Let me explain. I started magic in 2010 and was extremely passionate about the art form. I was constantly reading, watching...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Cards with Class
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    The Curly Cue Fan

    Thanks! I'll Look into it. /// Y:E ///
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    The Curly Cue Fan

    Hey There, I've recently fallen back into learning/creating flourishes and was hoping if anyone could guide me to a direct resource on learning The Curly Q or Curly Cue Fan. I've gotten the basic mechanics of the move down but was looking for more tips to get a more fan like spread. I...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Around the World Went for a darker feel. Monarchs X Tampa Theater. Good Luck to all! /// Y:E ///
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    Showmanship Forum

    What if forums were like old school magic clubs? I mean didn't you have to prove that you were a magician to get in? Why don't we have something like that? Something where you have to prove your, "Showmanship Skills". I know it would be hard to do online and that a video wouldn't do much...
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    Showmanship Forum

    Hey Guys! A few months back I remember reading a post a few months back written by Craig Browning. He was talking about how Theory11 and Ellusionist should set aside a separate forum for mentalism. This sounded like a great idea and a few people were on board until the thread got old and died...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Something Special

    Image- Story- When I was 5 I had a magic set that I loved. My mother and I were living alone because my father left. It was hard for her because she was working 2 jobs and trying to feed two mouths. I tried to help out as much as I could but I was only 5. So I sold my...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Master of Deception This was based off of The OCD deck. There is no sleight of hand required and there are no deck switches. It is very practical and direct. Good Luck to all! /// Y:E ///
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