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  • If I had a Wi-Fi connection at my school, and my friend knew how to parallel park, I'd be on my way to see Soundgarden tonight.
    Thank you very very much for your kind words! I'm so glad you were able to get some good use out of those notes.
    Eddie Vedder's a lucky son of a ***** and a great singer and songwriter. Not a very good guitar player to be honest though.

    He's gotten to meet a lot of legends; Neil Young, Pete Townshend, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty just to name a few.
    wuts up Zach, man it seems everyday ur name is blowing up....the kool part ur only 16, a lot of people may not appreciate what you do as a magician, but i love ur style....i watched some of your vids and were just blown away.....

    keep it up....

    Dude, dop me a favour and send an invite to the group to every magician you know on facebook, you would help me quite a bit with that :).
    It's not a bad looking shirt, I just cringe at the words Criss Angel, and the thought of a 40-year-old guy wearing it.
    My aunt and uncle got me a Criss Angel shirt and magnet for my birthday...:('s the thought that counts I guess.
    Awesome! Glad you enjoy it so much! I also use it all the time. Out of curiosity, what were the other two effects? -Matt Sconce
    OK, now I'm starting to get mad, on Wednesday I wore a Sex Pistols shirt, and all day people came up to me and said, "Why would you wear I shirt that says that?" Then today, I wore a Ramones shirt, and a girl said, "Ramones, is that like a brand of clothes?"

    I'm declaring the first full week of December (next week) classic punk week. During classic punk week, I will only listen to The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Stooges, Iggy Pop etc.
    My band is on the verge of breaking up, because of this conversation between the drummer and me:

    Me: What song should we do? We have different tastes.

    Drummer: I like everything, I have everything from System of a Down to The Ramones.

    Me: Yeah, very different.

    Drummer: Yeah I know, System of a Down is very punk.

    Me: WHAT?

    Drummer: System of a Down is more punk

    Me: The Ramones were the first punk band ever!

    Drummer: They don't sound punk at all.

    Me: What about The Clash?

    Drummer: Who?

    I really wanted to walk out right there. People my age just don't know what real punk is.
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