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Jun 21, 1993 (Age: 27)
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Apr 10, 2014
    1. James Smith
      James Smith
    2. James Smith
      James Smith
      If you can tell me what my avatar is, you get a virtual gold star.
    3. James Smith
      James Smith
      I'm uploading some new street magic videos right now!
    4. James Smith
      James Smith
      We thought he might be Chuck Norris, but he didn't roundhouse kick me when I said sup, so he ain't Chuck...haha...
    5. James Smith
      James Smith
      Agreed, pimpin'.

      When we got home we watched my BeLIEVE download, the audio is all out-of-synch, and we decided that Joel Paschall is the reincarnation of Bruce Lee.
    6. James Smith
      James Smith
      I know that would've been awesome! Just walkin' around with Joel Paschall doin' street magic, that would've been sick!
    7. James Smith
      James Smith
      Then again, he might have been even more weirded out:

      "Sup Joel!"

      "Do I know you?"

      "Umm...We're friends on the theory11 forums :) BeLIEVE is cool, and the Fan Control...hi"
    8. James Smith
      James Smith
      I really wish I would've said, "Sup Joel" then maybe he would've talked to us instead of looking at us like we were crazy.
    9. James Smith
      James Smith
      I said sup, and as we walked away my friend said, "Why are you saying hi to random street bums?" and I said, "That's no street bum, that's Joel Paschall!" "Wait, no it wasn't!"

      We walked into the magic shop, and said, "Was Joel just here?" He said yeah, and I said "Told you!"
    10. James Smith
      James Smith
      My friend and I ran into Joel Paschall today, haha
    11. William Draven
      William Draven
      Nothing more than reviews I'm afraid. I've not bought any new material in a few months.
    12. William Draven
      William Draven
      I like most of his work, although I've been upset at a few overly simple illusions that I feel I paid too much for when a simple PDF would have done fine, while other effects like Gutbuster I simply adore. Mayne's got some good stuff, I'm keeping a close eye on him.
    13. Rockey
      anyone know that?
    14. Rockey
      why I can not upload my picture?
    15. Rockey
      can u see my picture! I am the new one,so thanks! z magic
    16. James Smith
      James Smith
      Hey man, I know you have Pressure, and I used to see you around the protected forum Do you still have access to it? I don't, it vanished. I've tried re-linking my accounts, but it's still not there. I'll probably PM Raiker, first I want to make sure they didn't just get rid of it or something.
    17. RDChopper
      totally man.
    18. Chaseman27
      thanks Z! I was hoping people would find it funny.

      All the best,
    19. RDChopper
      Hahahaha, lol.
    20. RDChopper
      Haha, I know about that! anyway, I bought it because (to be sincere im a Sleight monkey) I love sleights and there are a couple there that are great, I actually dont do the tricks taught there, but I use the sleights almost everyday, hahaha, I remembered your hate towards flourishes, haha.
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