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    IT where to start?

    It is not recommend to start with an ITR(invisible thread reel) when you are just learning how to use the IT. Since you don't know how much weight the IT can hold or the tension it can withstand from the ITR, you will just be breaking your thread all day and it is very frustrating to repair an...
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    The Pass

    One good tip if it hasn't already been said is that after selecting a card, when you place the cards from your right hand back onto the deck, the cards above your break should be left messy, so you have a reason to fiddle with the cards(as tho you are squaring the cards up only) . It's...
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    Unleashed by Gregory Wilson

    From what I can see from the trailer, there is no clothing restrictions.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Red: 2 of hearts White: king of spades Blue: 7 of diamonds Red: 5 of clubs White: ace of diamonds Blue: 9 of spades
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    Just search Google for "Royalty Free Music" and you should be good. Royalty free means that there are no copyrights on the works of the artist. One common website is Kevin Macleod's site
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    Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind

    Movement- Page 140 Prearrangement- Page 183 Knowledge- Page 28
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    maybe a submission to the wire

    The change was already created by Kevin Ho, although I don't think he published it anywhere, you can drop him a PM. As for the rising card, nothing really special too, your making of the c***p was obvious. The card coming out of the deck was fine, just that if you can do it with much lesser...
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    Product annoucement

    I see..... Disappearing app, sounds interesting. Your patter needs to be clear
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    Product annoucement

    Don't understand the effect man..
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    Z-bat Original? What do I need work on?

    Looks good. Probably worth 0.99cents or free in the wire :)
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    Photokinesis and Imposter

    Sounds good. However as always, we can't comment without a video performance of it
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    3 Color Changes Coming Soon

    If I am not wrong, the change still has the same mechanics of the normal erdnase change, just that you did it a bit differently(not exposing the method) . Just by opening up all your fingers doesn't mean that this is a new way of doing the erdnase. This method has obviously been done before by...
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    3 Color Changes Coming Soon

    Hmmmm, they don't look original to me
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    3 Color Changes Coming Soon

    Lol I would love to see your Ting change
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    Trailer of a future release!

    Why does the first 2 performances look so different from the full performance?
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