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    Where can I find local Magicians?

    Colin hit the nail on the head - finding your local SAM, IBM or even just google searching 'magic club' and your zip code might point you in the right direction. Good luck!
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    Bicycle titanium edition

    Glad to hear you liked them magmagicians! I'm a big fan of the classic back designs, and the stock, feel and metallic inks just really make them feel a tad classier ;)
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    Venus Trap Revisited

    Awesome review! Chris is an awesome thinker, and has some great stuff. What are your other favorites of Brown?
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    Soccer Fan Performs "Dresscode"

    Awesome! Dresscode always kills, was able to perform it for Frank Ocean and Odd Future crew a few years ago at their store in Los Angeles - such a great trick. Thanks for posting!
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    splitting cards trouble

    Splitting cards is definitely tricky business - I learned everything I know from Blake Vogt's Split Sessions. It's a really great tutorial and gives a lot of tips which could solve the problems you're having. Anyone else have any good tips/references on splitting worth sharing?
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    World's First 3D Metal and Mechanized Playing Card

    We love Dale's stuff - his awesome mechanical table has made an appearance in quite a few t11 videos. When I got a chance to visit our Vegas Headquarters a few months ago, I got to see Dale's artistry up close. Really amazing detail. What do you guys think is the next step in expanding the...
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    How To Vanish A Book

    There a few ways I could think of, the first being vanishing the book from under a silk - not to tip the method, but similar to how dove cages are often vanished from beneath a silk. Might get you in the right direction. Anyone else have any interesting techniques for book vanishing? Also...
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    t11 in Mavericks

    Hey Xa2! Thanks for your suggestion. We'll definitely keep it in mind :) Thanks, ~Zach
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    theory11 t-shirt review: Monarch and Rebel shirts

    The Monarch and Artisan shirts are the softest of soft that exists. Glad to hear you're enjoying them, Arman!
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    Card Cheating

    Don't know what you're talking about, Uno and Phase10 can help immensely when incorporating bottom deals. Kidding, sort of. TeeDee and Wunderbar are dropping mad knowledge about card cheating - I would listen to them. Most dealing demonstrations done in magic are stacked and the outcome is the...
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    Lots of great suggestions thus far - Apollo Robbins is easily one of the top experts on misdirection. One of the biggest components as a few guys said here already is making your spectators comfortable. The more comfortable they are, they easier it is to get away with things. Aside from that...
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    Artifice, Ruse & Erdnase

    Love Erdnase. Even made a tribute video back when I was 14. A good friend and magician Spencer Peterson has a tattoo of the second deal illustration that accompanies the move in the book - 'fig. 2'. What are your favorite moves from the book?
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    New David Blaine special!

    Blaine's new special is going to have some top notch new stuff. Very excited for it. As far as favorites - Derren Brown has got to be it. Especially the recent specials on fear and faith.
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    The Ultimate Question

    Daniel Garcia once asked Dan White what he wanted for dinner. Dan said "chicken nuggets".
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    BOO. . . and Things That Go Bump

    I remember being 11 and creating a 'seance' with a few card tricks, loops and those creepy pebbles you light on fire that smoke snakes grow out of. Fun times. Craig, I'm curious to know what you're opinion of quality seance is?
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