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  • a question i like to arise often is.. do you love God more for his stuff? heaven counts. or do you love Him?

    that video was awesome!!
    awesome. didnt quite expect that. but its what i've wanted to say. and its all the truth. i was just trying to be nice. mainly because Reverhart has warned me several times in the past to be careful on talking of my faith.
    just got lit. i highly recommend it. very easy and gets good reactions as well. the bonus effect of the self lighting match book is also ingenious.

    see ya around
    Oh i see. That's pretty much the same as me except that i don't have a lot of time to learn a bunch of new stuff anyways because I've gotten a lot busier this year compared to last year. I really like your videos though and am very excited to see them when they come out.

    Flores talks about you sometimes when i aid for him because he says your in his study hall. He says you just sit there and do flippy things with your cards haha. I just wanted to be like....flourishes??

    It is too bad about HM4 though because that could have been pretty good. You should just film it at football games and stuff like that, except now its a little cold for that.
    Ya thats what i was thinking as well. Yes it would mostly be just for publicity. Just a way to get your magic out in some form of media to people that can actually come see it rather than just watch it on youtube. Are you still doing magic or have you moved on to mostly cardistry?
    Thats all ive heard so far. Do you still go to the library in the mornings? If so then maybe we can discuss ideas for it and make it more of what we want than have them morph it into something cheesy.
    haha no. but nevermind about the idea.

    you hear that we might be getting on the announcements!

    one of my friends said we could do a "magic battle." let me know if youre interested
    oh i see. its cool. i dont wanna intrude on your idea and project but what do you think about both of us being in hm4?
    ya i dont know. even if they did id imagine he wouldnt use them so that theyd stay in good condition. so what do you think about camp dunbar? coming up soon
    I already did. At your gmail account. I'm leaving on vacation like tomarrow and I'll try to stay awake for 4 more hours and wait for you to respond. After that I have to go and won't be back until August 25th.
    my bad heres the image since you dont have a facebook.

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