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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  • I'll make one quickly right now. I have to leave on July 21 or 22 so I have to film before than. I have a camera man. Probably one of my friends.

    Here is the list, I'm working on tons of stuff but I won't list them here. And sometimes I just do my own routines on the spot.

    Here's the list: Madonna 3, Sybilism, Sybil, Skater Cut, Leno Cut, Akira, Carnahan Fan, One handed fan, Thumb fan, Index Fan, Revolution Cut, Charlie A Cut, Scissor Cut, Thumb Cut, Hot shot cut, Flic, Triangle Cut, Flipback, Flipback aerial cut, Backpack cut, Furious Angels, Anaconda Dribble, and a bunch of openors I do.

    I'm still practicing and more stuff, hopefully I'll perfect them by our recording date. I also have a bunch of self-made flourishes and utilites I do.
    I have too many flourishes to list! And I'm still working on some now. I'll make a very long list soon! :D

    BTW: We need to chat on tokbox so that we can plan this.
    Ok, so the flourishes that I can do:
    Jackson 5, Sybil in the Rain, Drop Sybil, 4 Sybil, Twisted Rain, W.E.RM., Lethal X, Molecule 4 Hollywood, Carnahan Fan, Vertigo, and Guardian.

    Here's the ones that I can also do, but require a bit of work: Pandora, Akira, Downfall, Turnover, Erdnase Go Round, Sleepless, and Snap D.

    There's probably a few more I i can do, but can't remember them right now. As for a name for our team, here are my ideas:

    - Instinct
    - Last Stand
    - Z.I.M (first letter of our usernames)
    The name?, hmmmmmm...
    How about, Lemon?......:D

    I really don't know... pick something that has meaning to it!:D
    And... Zeedub, since your the editer and the person who's going to be posting our video up... can you register all of us up at the registration place here?
    What he said, (looking down).
    So, I got Itwasluck to join our group! He's really awesome at flourishing. So lets get started!:D Do you guys have tokbox? So we can all chat, even if you guys don't have a webcam. We can have a group discussion with the text chat that tokbox provides.

    Hey man. So I'm thinking for this Cardistry Contest, we should have some sort of theme going on (such as ariel flourishes, or slow and smooth, or quick and flashy, etc). Otherwise, it will seem as though we just threw our footage together with no thought or effort put into it.

    I think we should also collaborate with our other member to find out exactly what flourishes that we are all capable of doing (and practicing) so that our material not only looks good, but follow suits with our theme.

    Anyways, that's just my idea. Let me know what you think.
    I got some urgent news!!!
    mad1son can't do it because he's doing it with another friend of his in the same country. I'll find someone else though.:D
    Well, I have to go now, need to pack up the pc and get ready for tomorrow. I'll contact you ASAP regarding the video.
    Peace out.:)
    It's better for all of us to do it on a white background or wall, so its more focused on the cards. And mad1son hasn't responded yet, but he will soon. :D
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