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    Saturday Night Contest - James Bond Card Lotto!

    Card 1: 3 of clubs Card 2: ace of spades Card 1: seven of hearts Card 2: ace of clubs
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    Saturday Night Contest - Captured in Landscape!

    Hum... It'll be hard to say if the picture is new or not for anyone :) And I could also direct upload it here If I wanted to. So, since I had a perfect picture in my head following all the rules (landscape, #theory11 etc) I thought that wouldn't be a problem using a special one for me already...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Captured in Landscape!

    Hi everyone!! I'll have to go with my all-time favorite deck, in my home town local park, with a loved one holding the bottle and a unique late afternoon sunlight reflected on the Monarchs. A very memorable combination, for me. I hope that the photo, and all its details, will also bring you...
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    Saturday Night Contest - 13 Years!

    First of all, congratulations Theory11!! I joined T11 back in 2017. And since that day I have made it my goal to complete my collection with the different variants of my favourite release from you guys... Monarchs Playing Cards. And now, on T11 13th anniversary, I can say I'm very happy with the...
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    ALMOST complete Monarchs collection!!! ❤︎

    Hello everyone! First of all, congratulations Theory11 for the 13th anniversary. :) Recently I was able to acquire a mint Eleven Madison Park monarchs after a few good years of looking for one! I'm now missing the pre-release monarchs/gold original monarchs. I have no intention of owning one...
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    Variations of Monarchs?

    Hi Lyle! I was thinking about the Monarchs and I wondered... Is it possible for theory11 to disclose the number of units per print run? (ex: silver, white monarchs v1/v2, silver uncut sheets...) Completely understandable if the company prefers to keep these numbers to itself. A great weekend!
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    Red Monarchs Deck Versions

    The text on the side of the box is consider one difference between the two versions?
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    Variations of Monarchs?

    Thank you so much, Lyle!
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    Variations of Monarchs?

    The red has 2 versions, the blue don't. (That I know of)
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    Variations of Monarchs?

    I know, NYSM version, Im not talking about that one, Bruh. In talking about next to the silver and the next to the nysm. The owner also say "The top row has the old T11 logo on the bottom of the tuck and the bottom row has the new logo. "
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    Variations of Monarchs?

    Hi! This post is very helpful! Just have a little question: Exists a Black Version? I see some people selling like a darker blue version Thanks!
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