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  1. conjure_pitch

    Congratulations :: Our Newest Member Has Arrived!

    Congrats guys. I am sure she'll bring loads of joy to your lives!
  2. conjure_pitch

    The Wire -- What's Going On?

    I'm willing to bet that the necessary steps to discover the meaning of the infamous "wire" have been here since day one, but nobody, as of yet, has been able to see them. I would think of it as T11s ultimate treasure hunt.
  3. conjure_pitch

    BULLETIN : andthensome +YOURSTUFF Contest

    I am stoked for this. I hope I can get my submission recorded before the contest ends! I have the perfect thing! Trent
  4. conjure_pitch

    Great story about young magician tonight

    What a good thing to hear, I rarely see people performing at all much less with confidence. Trent
  5. conjure_pitch

    ★★★★★ // {bulletin} // :: PROPAGANDA ★★★★★

    Come on santa is pretty hott. I kid I kid. Trent.
  6. conjure_pitch

    ★★★★★ // {bulletin} // :: PROPAGANDA ★★★★★

    I love these hunts. They always end up being something great.
  7. conjure_pitch

    Did I make a good choice?

    Art of Astonishment is the best magic book I have come across to date. You definitely made some great buys there though!
  8. conjure_pitch

    Infant by papercraneproductions

    I'm going against my will hear and buying it but.....if this is one of those tricks where the baby has to be preloaded on the spec before the trick, I will be furious. I bought a similar trick once where I had to slip a live bat under someones tophat once. I followed a guy around for six hours...
  9. conjure_pitch

    Weekly Debates Finished...

    Good to see you have come to your senses. You don't have to "proclaim" that you've come up with great topics every week to discuss. If the topics really are worth debating, then put them up with a title that relates to the topic and people will come. Since we're quoting media here Ill dabble...
  10. conjure_pitch

    Great Debater of The Week: Should we have one?

    Get rid of the whole concept of weekly debating. Its more annoying than purposeful in my opinion.
  11. conjure_pitch

    Shaking the "Magic Guy" Label.

    I apologize for being less active (for anyone who has noticed and/or cared) lately and hope to be more active soon. That said the question at hand for myself at least, is this: How do I stop being known as "the magic guy"? I am a fairly experienced gigging guitarist as well as a magician and...
  12. conjure_pitch

    RIOT performed by dR+Review

    I sincerely hope someone has banned the people who deserve to be banned in this thread. I'm not even sure what sinful did to deserve this but calling him a tool and throwing subtle homosexual references at him isn't a decent way to solve it. Keep in mind I have no dislike for anyone in this...
  13. conjure_pitch

    A Farewell...

    I can honestly say that we have had our differences and personally I hold a little bit of disdain when reading a post with your name on it. That said....I wish you'd stick around. If for nothing else, the fact that you keep things interesting. What good is a place where everyone agrees?? Hope...
  14. conjure_pitch

    theory11 : Smoke & Mirrors - Special Edition : Invitation I was SO excited for another run of S&M decks but the changes make me sad. I thought they were literally PERFECT before these changes. They still look pretty slick but I now wish I could get my hands on some more of the first editions as I only picked up 3 mirrors and 2...
  15. conjure_pitch

    David Blaine - Page Six Article + JB's Response

    I really enjoyed that. That really did make me laugh. Brad Christian's word was all but worthless to me before I read that, but now all I have is disdain. He has no right to say ANYTHING (much less something negative) about a real magic "power". I use the term "power" in that David Blaine has...
  16. conjure_pitch

    Dive of Death - Clarification

    Why would anyone cut David Blaine any slack? He ****ed up. It happens. I mean whether it was his fault or not he still did not deliver. Look at how he hung upside down for 60 hours. That is IMPRESSIVE. The finale was, as David admitted, poorly executed. **** happens, thats life. He...
  17. conjure_pitch

    Dive of Death - Afterthoughts and Discussion

    David Blaine never dissapoints on the street and in my opinion, hanging upside down for that long is a feat in itself, despite the ending. All in all 4.5/5
  18. conjure_pitch

    Panic! Question...

    I wish they'd print it on mirrors. That deck is sick.
  19. conjure_pitch

    What's your Wii number?

    Lee I am just curious, do you play Super Smash Bros Brawl? Or Mario Strikers Charged? If so Ill have to get my wii in working order again.
  20. conjure_pitch

    Guess who's back?!

    Great news!! Welcome back as well!
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