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    Pick a Card, and any other patter you avoid

    If you hate lying, you are in the wrong business. Magicians practice deception as performance. It goes back to framing. You can say: Thanks for helping me out. Because you've placed this card in the center, now my goal is to.....(whatever you plan to do) You see, you should talk to them not...
  2. UrbanEntityTV

    Pick a Card, and any other patter you avoid

    I don't think any of those things are wrong. The context in which you use them may be the ONLY problem. There's plenty of reasons to say choose a card. Here's a way to get into that. "These cards here represents 52 options. Each option is unique to its own. And depending on your choice, the...
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    What is magic heaven like for you?

    I second that. Even though I live in the middle of nowhere, it is, however, a college town so, yeah. That could work.
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    Building a crowd.

    I'm going to be a bit unconventional here. Set up a camera and film yourself and (ask others if they'd like to be on your Youtube Magic show). Film it anyway, even if you hate the footage and would never use it. But what you are doing is giving yourself a bigger platform than what you currently...
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    Complete newbie

    You are starting in the right place. I feel I should have started there. Learn all of that material and progress into the new stuff. But the good thing about that is you will have a foundation from where everything else will sprout. ALSO, I don't want to hinder you if you consider yourself a...
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    Real Psychics

    No one has mind-reading abilities, or the abilities to talk to the dead. The closest to that is a magician. And regardless if psychics want to deny it or not, they are magicians on some level.
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    What's your latest &

    The last thing I bought was Peter Turner's Bigger Fish Files. Lovely investment.
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    Is it Worth It?

    NO ONE knows what works for you BUT YOU! Follow Your Passion. Most importantly, have your character. Don't understand? Imagine if your character was a comic book character and you had to tell us his bio: - name - alias - powers (that is the key) - backstory as to how he developed those powers -...
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    Who do you think is the best magic teacher today?

    When I was coming up, Jay Sankey was the dude to learn from. He is thorough and a really neat guy. Over the years, I switched performance styles and interests and thus learned quite a bit from a lot of people. Names I'd throw out there would be: - Richard Osterlind - Banachek - Bob Cassidy...
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    I stumbled upon....

    I think you are correct my friend!
  11. UrbanEntityTV

    I stumbled upon....

    That I can say for certain, he was. He hung at a magic shops in disguise.
  12. UrbanEntityTV

    The Equivoque Force or Choice

    From my knowledge Mark Elsdon is the guy you need to find. He did a small lecture on it and he really kills with this stuff!
  13. UrbanEntityTV

    Here is my first promo vid. Looking for feedback!

    I love seeing people with unique Styles. I want to say that @spencerelvis gave you awesome advise! I do not want to discount his advice AT ALL! This is what I suggest: ....................................................................................................... Nothing? Yes. I...
  14. UrbanEntityTV

    The Ad Card.

    I use the ad cards for hallucination effects. If I wanted to do a card guess. I would have them imagine that card changing to "any card" in the deck. And boom! Thought of Card!
  15. UrbanEntityTV

    52 vs 9ofC

    Madison is a showman. And a guy who knows EXACTLY who he is and what he wants. What does that mean? He realizes that selling to magicians and aspiring magicians are money making opportunities. He has the talent and personality to really sell anything! I MEAN ANYTHING! If you think he can't...
  16. UrbanEntityTV

    Market Saturation: Are There Too Many Custom Decks?

    There's nothing more that needs to be said. Enders Game nailed it!
  17. UrbanEntityTV

    Unpopular opinions

    I'm not sure who the magician was that I saw, but dude kept taking the knot on and off. Kept cutting it. And at the end, it was a whole rope. I thought I hated rope tricks, but that killed me. You will not see me perform them, but I can watch them all day.
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    Looking for Mentalism trick

    you're welcome my friend
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    Hypnotic Pull?

    You'll thank yourself you did.
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