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    Outs, Precautions, and Challenges

    Never mind. Can a mod please delete this? My apologies.
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    Discard Culling

    Going to keep this short and sweet, but has anyone here ever messed around with discard culling? I've been playing around with it for the past few days, and the only actual resource I've found on the subject seems to be "The Unreal Work" by Jason England and Paul Wilson - which has long since...
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    One hand magic?

    Hey guys, good news and bad news: Bad news - I broke my right clavicle earlier today. I can't move my right arm (any of it) as it's in a sling to stabilize my shoulder as I heal. Good news - I have been looking for one-handed card magic. I've found resources, such as Rene Lavand's two...
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    The Wire

    So what's going down with the wire? This must be getting annoying now but it's been a while since there's been ANY news on The Wire and I haven't seen a thread on this for almost a month now.
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    What cards are these?

    What are the cards Jason England is using in the classic pass 1-on-1 video, and where can I get them?
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    How would one...

    ...Get a job working with t11? Like, as an artist, producer, techie, etc.? I'm just curious to see how everybody behind t11 got in on it.
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    Stud Playing Cards - Plastic Loop help?

    When I buy studs from my local Walgreens, on top of the seal, there is a plastic loop which is used to keep it on a hook. But whenever I try to take it off, it tears part of the seal and back of the box off, ruining the seal and box. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
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    Media Section not working - bug

    None of the links in the media section are working, the videos and sub-categories are unavailable. 404 Error, I've tried accessing it in Firefox and IE (both latest versions).
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    What are these three moves called?

    This question requires you to see the Sentinels playing card ad video. If you have, look below the video. If you haven't... ...Watch this first: What are the moves at the following times: 0:28 0:34 0:58
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    Stingers vs. Sentinels

    I've already asked around on tinychat last night, but for anyone that owns stingers and sentinels, could you give a review comparing them to each other regarding feel/finish/durability?
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    What change/switch is this? Under the overview part, there's a video advertising the cards (Bee Erdnase deck). There's a change around 0:44 in which the king of diamonds is switched into the joker in the action of turning the card.. Can anybody tell me what this...
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    Duplicating a signature

    Does anybody know of a method to duplicate a spectator's signature on a playing card? Just as a matter of curiousity, I have a few ideas for it.
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    On Demand @ Dan and Dave

    Is the on-demand section like t11's 1-on-1 downloads? Like, are they downloads, or online viewing content? And if they're downloads, do you have a certain number of downloads just in case one of them goes bad for some reason?
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    Tally-Ho Discontinuations

    I've seen 1-2 threads on both handlordz and ellusionist about people saying that tally-ho's are/soon will be discontinued, something about too small runs of tally's and USPCC being bought out by some other corporation. Can anybody explain the real deal, as best as they can?
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    Coin production - Trifecta

    So I recently bought trifecta, and I have no idea how to make the coins appear again. I've never learned any coin appearances before, but really want to know the name of the one homer liwag uses in the demo for trifecta, his 1-on-1. Can somebody please tell me the name of it, and where i can...
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    How it's made - Playing Cards

    How Playing Cards are made (YouTube HD) A friend showed me this video. I'm sure many of you will find it quite interesting, if you didn't already know it. EDIT: As a side note, please tell me you do a better one-handed fan than the guy does after the part involving the cellophane...
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    Can somebody name all the changes with USPCC that have been going on in recent months? I've heard about the moving from cincinatti, ohio, and that bikes have smaller pips and they sold their old press and bought some new one. Also, if anyone could list most/all of the cards that are being...
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    Porper clip from D&D?

    See post below this for further information. The "Classic Clip", exclusively at Details: Classic Clip By Joe Porper The Classic Clip, exclusively at, is made out of the same anodized aluminum as the original, providing a light weight and durrable...
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    Digital Downloads NOT WORKING

    My dad just now bought me the following from theory11 in download form: Dangerous - Disc 1 - Mystique Dangerous - Disc 2 - Motion Genesis v1 Death to the Double Undercut(1-on-1) Revolver (1-on-1) Shinobi Control(1-on-1) Double lift(1-on-1) Now, all of these are apparently compressed...
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    Gorilla Change vs. VCR Change

    I'm looking into getting one of these color changes, but they're both only ranked "Intermediate" Can somebody rate both of these out of 10, and compare the angle sensitivity? I heard the vcr change is very angle sensitive and hard to perform live, but i'm a little more interested in that.
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