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    Australians Please help

    You could always do some bar tendering with some juggling thrown in and then start doing little routines like cups amd balls, and then create original routines to fit your style, job and most importantly personality :D
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    Flourishes for beginners?

    please more help guys :)
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    Introducing CardTrickster!

    if you hate gimmicks then do not buy tool by david stone, the deck and the box can not be examined and the gimmick falls apart really easily. like you I prefer impromptu effects, but not all gimmicks are bad :)
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    Magic Shops in South London?

    I'll be going to London at xmas so I was just wondering if you guys know any magic shops in South London, like near covent gardens. Shops other than davenports, thanks guys :D
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    Zach, MJ, Patrick Cardistry Style - Red Cards?

    I think that they are not in fact fontaine cards but a limited deck created by fournier, I cannot come up with an idea for why Zach would make a deck based on an effect he created. It sounds almost ridiculous, it is much more likely that it is a fournier deck.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Election 2012 Prediction

    Romney: 333 Obama: 225 Romney: 222 Obama: 316
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    Ace Drawing Giveaway

    I would love to have the smoke and mirrors ace, I've just had my room decorated and this would make it complete. This is depending on whether my parents will let me, but if they won't it will go on my Christmas list, I'll hopefully get it one way or another ;) Thanks :D
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    Dynamo the magician, what do you think of him?

    At the end of the day he is the reason for why I am a magician, why my passion is magic. I strongly disagree with you saying that he does not create any magic and all of his tricks are set up. Firstly, if you are a spectator then it is magic, if you know how the tricks are done then it is...
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    How Do You Come Up With Names For Effects?

    Thats cool Also to everybody else the pop trick idea was just an example, I'm trying to create one but I have more of a secret effect going on :)
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    How Do You Come Up With Names For Effects?

    I still need help, please reply guys :(
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Steve Cohen Decoded

    Hi Steve :D These are my questions . . . If you had to perform one trick and one trick only for the rest of your entire life what would it be? What do you think of today's magic? Who is your favourite magician . . . other than yourself? Thanks :)
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    How Do You Come Up With Names For Effects?

    Hi guys, I like coming up with cool effects, but the only thing I can't come up with is a cool name to go with it. Such as if its a popping trick I can only think of pop or jump. I get tired of sitting there for ages trying to think of a name, I mean Zach Mueller is clearly a genius with...
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    T11 Please Help Delete This Video on YT!

    I wrote them a message last week about something and they still haven't replied :(
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    T11 Please Help Delete This Video on YT!

    a boy on youtube called CardTrickMaster17 has uploaded the official tutorial of Rapture. Somebody please get him to delete it! :(
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    theory11 help!

    If the support doesn't work/help call the t11 number, I called them once because it wasn't letting me buy any white monarchs but they told me what to do :)
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    Which is the most worth it?

    Clearly the 4 gold arcanes, keep a couple for yourself and sell the other two, then you have more money to either save up with or buy something else :D
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    Best Decks For Flourishing?

    Are the 1001 Aladdins good?
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    Best Decks For Flourishing?

    lol and sorry Craig :D
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    Best Decks For Flourishing?

    I'd use it for both of your options. Also sorry, but I'm a teen and I don't quite understand all of your text, sorry :(
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