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    ANACONDA DVD REVIEW - Not what you think...

    While it's true that the Anaconda instruction is the same length as most other flourish instructions, billing it as the FOCUS of the DVD and charging full DVD price implies that it will be more than just a well filmed tutorial. There are 10 cuts on the Flourishes disc on the Trilogy, vs the...
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    Reactions - Through & Through

    In case you didn't get that... It's real. You're getting a DVD that teaches you how to stick a needle through your hand in exactly the right place so that you don't cause permanent damage to the nerves in your hand. No trick here.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Coming Soon : An Image Competition
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    Troubles Purchasing d+M Material

    Also, is an ebook store. They sell PDF downloads of books. So you just get the PDF in an email.
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    Chris Mayhew :: Cards Exchange

    Thanks for the review, I was debating about whether to pick this up. and while we're on the topic of unfortunately strung together words..
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    Dan and Dave - On Time Warp TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST

    Yeah, hopefully D&D will get it so we can see some of it.
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    Dan and Dave - On Time Warp TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST

    They cut a LOT of it out. In their credits they showed a bunch of awesome things that didn't make it to the show. sigh. it was still REALLY cool though. Awesome job guys.
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    Dan and Dave - On Time Warp TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST

    it was on the preview for "later this episode!" alright!!
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    Dan and Dave - On Time Warp TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST

    Doesn't look like it. "Big Cats and Mixed Martial Arts" No cards in the preview
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    Time Warp - Missing Dan And Dave

    Yeah I was complaining on the other thread. Any comment from the Bucks?
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    Dan and Dave on Time Warp this Wednesday

    Any comment from Dan and/or Dave?
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    Dan and Dave on Time Warp this Wednesday

    It was on the T11 news that they would be on tonight.
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    Dan and Dave on Time Warp this Wednesday

    Well don't get too excited, it just ended on the East Coast and they didn't show it... Cool stuff with Penn and Teller, the Fuel Girls, and Circ de Soleil, but no Dan and Dave. What's up?
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    I understand that not all moves are clean enough to be shown in their entirety, but a false faro shuffle sounds like something I'd REALLY be interested in and I'd like to see a little more than just three clips of the cards bridging together (or not, rather). The shuffle might look great at...
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    Dan and Dave Porper Clip - Help

    I don't remember where I saw it, but someone else posted about those clips and one of the Bucks said that they were knock offs, and that they would have the real classic clips back in stock soon with some minor updates. EDIT: Found it
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    Pass feedback

    What do you mean by a tilt? The kind of tilt in the Marlo depth illusion or just tilting my hands as I do it?
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    Pass feedback

    I mean I've been getting away with it for a while with misdirection but I'm hoping to get it smooth enough that even if the misdirection fails they won't totally know what happened, if anything at all.
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    Pass feedback

    I'm sure you're sick of giving people feedback on the pass, but it's one of my favorite sleights to just play around with, even outside the context of a trick, and I want to see if anyone has some advice.
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    Saturday Night Contest - The {t11} Easter Egg Hunt

    I don't understand how people can "think" they found one or not be 100% right. What is the trick that I'm not understanding?
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    Saturday Night Contest - The {t11} Easter Egg Hunt

    Is it {041109} in curly braces or just the number 041109?
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