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    Sentinels Sold Out

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    Hidden Gems

    In the magic community, there are so many different products. If the product is "good", it is always overhyped about. And if it is bad, people constantly rant on it. But, there is also one group of materials that are truly fantastic, yet unfortunately very few people know about them. This...
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    Superslim Mullica vs. Infinity Wallet

    Hey everybody! So I have been wanting to buy a really good CTW. I have narrowed my decisions down to the Superslim Mullica wallet and the Infinity wallet. Please tell me the pros and cons of the wallets and which one I should get! Thanks!
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    Original Coin Magic!

    Who wants to battle?
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    The PERFECT Opener

    What do you guys use as an opener for walk-around magic?
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    Moves for Move Monkeys

    Hey everybody! I am a HUGE move monkey. I love moves like the clip shift, one hand popover, ect... I am looking more more cool moves like those, but I do not like ones that are TOO flourishy. Any suggestions?
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    What's in your wallet?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering what magic stuff is in your wallet? I am looking for good tricks to do using my normal, everyday wallet (not a CTW). Let me know what you guys use/recommend!
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    Best On-The-Spot Gimmicks

    What I mean by this is having a trick that is always ready (like coin bite) that AMAZES people. Have any suggestions?
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    Titanium Bikes vs. Regular Bikes

    It was hard for me to tell a difference in between the two in the videos... What is the difference? Like is there a different finish, thickness, ect...
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    No Discounts on Stingers?

    So I just added a brick of stingers to my cart (which should be $50 with the 15% off). But when I went to checkout, it said that they costed $60. Anyone know why?
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    Those Lucky Moments

    Have you ever had a moment when something unexpected happened to you, yet it made the trick even stronger than before. For example, I asked a kid to name a random card out loud. He named the Jack of Diamonds. I was going to take the cards out of the box and fan through the cards and pull the...
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    DRESSCODE ideas

    Hey! I was wondering how you guys perform DRESSCODE? Like do you guys have any creative presentations? I am curious about your presentations. Thanks! - Ben
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    Magician Terms Laypeople Don't Understand

    I have noticed that thee are a few things that magicians say that some laypeople do not understand. For example: The "face" of a card Dribbling cards Riffling cards As magicians, we need to have terms that any spectator can understand. Like instead of saying "dribbling the...
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    Centrifugal vs. Tarantula

    What is the difference between these?
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    Peek Wallets vs. Impression Devices

    For getting thought of numbers, drawing duplications, ect... which one do you recommend? Also, which one is the best for each? Thanks!
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    Talent Show

    Hey everyone! So my school is having a talent show and a bunch of my friends want me to perform in it (as well as myself), but I do not have a stage act. The act needs to be about 10 minutes long. I wanted to start off with the arm gag (the twisting the arms thing). I want to do mainly...
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    Sandwich Routines!

    Who wants to challenge me?
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    Magicians Treat Cards Like Their Children

    This is something that popped into my head a while ago and I thought the analogy was kind of funny. This is why I think magicians treat their cards like their children: 1. The magician takes them everywhere they go. 2. The magician makes sure they are always clean. 3. The magician...
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    Fax Machine Change

    Hey everybody! This is my handling of the Fax Machine Change by Rich Aviles. Enjoy! Constructive criticism is appreciated! - BenTCM
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    The BEST Books in ALL of Magic

    Hi everybody! I was wondering what your favorite magic books are. I will start of by naming a few of my favorites, and then you can add onto the list! Here are 2 of my favorites: Totally Out of Control by Chris Kenner Stars of Magic (various people)
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