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    I though as much, since Smoke+Mirrors and Split Spades are not theirs to reprint.
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    Custom card design. Tell me what you think.

    What is the minimal order for custom decks, and how much does it cost? Even without knowing it is safe to assume 10000 will cost you a lot. You better have a brilliant design if you want to be selling them for profit, since you will essentially be competing with other card companies like theory...
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    I was just wondering the same thing. There are so many out of stock cards on there that I keep wondering why they keep them on. Some of these decks were out of stock for so long, that I am wondering if they plan to reprint them, or are they there just to make the selection look bigger? The...
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    Dangerous - Unveiled Teaser 002 + W:H 1-on-1 Update

    I don't quite get what "Dangerous" is from the teaser, but I guess we wait and see.
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    What do you guys think of this?

    Well, if you buy it tell us if it's any good... Or you could just buy a bunch or bricks, they hit harder then a book
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    Recent Chris Kenner 1-on-1s...

    It's actually not uncommon to fluff a line when you are on camera, so there is nothing wrong with Chris Kenner (it just means he is normal). If you try to give a 4 min scripted explanation to a camera I am sure the next time you see something like that you won't even notice it. Though you...
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    Criss Angel's Challenge

    I am sure he could do it since he has a really great team of magicians, and I am sure together they can come up with an act that won't look too bad even after all the camera tricks that he uses. It might not be as good as his edited TV shows but it should be passable.
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    Help -- Download Won't Work

    If you submit a support ticket I am sure there will fix your Download and you won't have to wait for the DVD. So I don't think you will have to spend any extra.
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    Help -- Download Won't Work

    You should not have tried to download it today… the server is obviously heavily loaded by all the activity and all the people trying to download the video. Just submit a support ticket and wait for tomorrow; it should resolve.
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    Should I buy this levitation?

    Don't bother... you can find them free on the internet. I looked for it a few years back and I found it... but there is no way in hell I would risk trying to make it. It uses VERY HIGH pressure and a small tube if it ruptures anywhere you will have some serious damage. (that is why Ellusionist...
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    Should I buy this levitation?

    F.L.Y. is ALUIN. Since Ellusionist didn't release it, it was renamed and released by the creator. And they ditched it not because it caused physical pain but because they thought it was dangerous as it uses high pressure. There was this levitation called Icarus… it was around $350 but it...
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    DVD vs. Download

    A DVD is much better quality!
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    Should I buy this levitation?

    For a real worker it might be worth it... but it costs a lot! (don't remember the exact price) if I recall correctly it's over $1000. It’s the effect that Ellusionist was suppose to release but they ditched it.
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    What if the server crashes tonight?

    Well, good news... no crash!
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    Two magicians burn Simon Cowell and two other judges.

    I would have been funny if it actually happened
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    Bicycle Guardians : 2nd Edition : The Story

    Nice, I wanted to get a few packs to give them a try
  17. J

    Daniel Garcia

    he should be coming out with some new stuff soon
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    True Astonishments By Paul Harris Featuring W:H

    Wow, looks interesting...
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    Books vs. DVDs - the great divide

    Use books and DVD's in conjunction, that's what I think. Good post
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    True Astonishments By Paul Harris Featuring W:H

    I didn't hear about such a thing... what is it?
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