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    ★★★★★ // {bulletin} // :: PROPAGANDA ★★★★★

    hrmm thats interesting... sounds like NewPort as in smokes, which one I need badly... be back in a few to smack my head on the desk trying to figure this out:p
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    Magician's Coat/Jacket

    try looking into TOPITs. Same principle as hidden pockets, but better in my eyes.Micheal Ammar has a vid out about topit work
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    ★★★★★ // {bulletin} // :: PROPAGANDA ★★★★★

    my guess is its a trilogy named Evidence. Propaganda, and Theory mabey? Evidence. Propaganda, and T???????????? my head hurts again... this is fun tho wait and see we will, i hate waiting
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    ★★★★★ // {bulletin} // :: PROPAGANDA ★★★★★

    111208dmajept 12-11-08 <--- date of release DM AJ <----Artists EPT <--- initials of project ept meaning its a trilogy i dont know what "t" stands for yet tho i think i could be wrong this stuff hurts my head
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    Truth about Exile

    I agree, at first I thought this is T11's first bad product, right in the junk drawer... but after getting J.Baymes E-Mail (which was a stand up thing to do) I re thought the gimmick, this trick is the ****!! thank you Mathew and T11...
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    Illusion Coins from MJM Magic

    Does anyone own them?/ if so what is your take? I have been thinking about purchasing these for a few weeks now. what aare your thoughts
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    Sleights on UltraGaff?

    I think the DVDs are agreat buy, even though they cover many sllights quickly, not in great detail (as they are selling the cards and routiines) I found alternititive handlings that to me were eaaasier that the ones they taught on the dvd
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    What would you like to see sold in the T11 GEAR section?

    I second that, whoever produces theese tracks has skillz and for gear T11 thongs for our girliez
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    Anyone from Buffalo, NY?

    Niagara Falls here! :D I was a DJ in buffalo for about 10 years (still a DJ, just dont play out often)
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    Hard-Hitting Tricks Help

    Piracy These guys are right Card College and the AoA series are great, I too started getting into magic via piracy, but I have also changed my ways, now myMagic book collection outweighs my dance record collection ( ima DJ). Thanks to T11 and a few other sites out there I realized that piracy...
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    DVD vs. Download

    Knowing now that they are different, meaning that the DVD contains more material than the download I would Def say DVD.... I wanted it NOW (lol) so I downloaded it, thinking they were the same, but now I have to miss the extra material thats included on the DVD...:eek:
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    Does the Control download... ?

    Dissapointed I wish I would have know that in the beginning, I would have bought the DVD and waited for it to be shipped, instead of just downloading it, I thought they ( the DVD and Download) were one in the same, I would love to see that interview with dexter :-( as well as the bloopers...
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