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  1. LittleLead

    To Gaff or not to Gaff

    I know what you mean, I personally don't use them everyday. But bringing out the "Blink" card here and there sure does get some fantastic reactions.
  2. LittleLead

    Remember why you are here, my two cents.

    I was halfway done with my post when the thread was closed. I am not being vulgar, i'd just like to say something. Feel free to close this after wards... The "Youtube" magician thing is getting old. Alot of people start off on the internet, it's just another in/outlet. How many people in the...
  3. LittleLead

    To Gaff or not to Gaff

    I feel that if you don't use some gaffs in your routine you're cheating the spectator, and yourself. Yeah, slieght of hand is great, and it gives you a great sense of accomplishment when you perform PURE slieght of hand. But you'd be cheating yourself if you didn't use a gaff. It gets some of...
  4. LittleLead

    Flush: John Stessel

    Here is me performing the trick, I just realised how bad the lighting was :S I hope this is the right place to post this!
  5. LittleLead

    Saturday Night Contest - Match 'Em Up!

    1. He was born with a black eye and every once in a while his eye closes unintentionally. Calen Morelli 2. He once bought a piece of toast without the image of Jesus on it for $50.00. Mike Hankins 3. His nickname is Momo. Chris Mayhew 4. He has a fish name Paul Vigil. Blake Vogt 5...
  6. LittleLead

    Pen through bill trick:: LittleLead

    I love it!
  7. LittleLead

    Pen through bill trick:: LittleLead

    Here is a trick that I was recently reminded of. I love this trick. I hope you enjoy this rushed performence with terrible patter lol.
  8. LittleLead

    Saturday Night Contest - Fool Us!

    Mine is one of those lol
  9. LittleLead

    Saturday Night Contest - Fool Us!

    my response
  10. LittleLead

    Creating a magic routine

    Ok thanks, ill take your advice and stick to what I do best.
  11. LittleLead

    Creating a magic routine

    Oh I know, im just saying that there should be some variety in each gig. If I keep going back to that place I should try different genres of magic if that makes sense.
  12. LittleLead

    Creating a magic routine

    Hey everyone, I have been asked by multiple people in my area to come do "gigs" for their resturaunts and partys. Now I am at heart a card magician. That is all I work on, now from time to time I will mess around with coins. The reason why I am typing this is because I know I cant just do a...
  13. LittleLead

    The Hole Thing:: Chris Mayhew

    I guess I was just a little disappointed as I thought it would be some revolutionary gimmick lol! Anyway yea its funny and his easter egg is the **** :D And yea my holes do look like stop signs
  14. LittleLead

    The Hole Thing:: Chris Mayhew

    Not gonna go to indepth on the download but here it is. Runtime: 55 minutes Well it was definatley a funny download, Chris showed his great sense of humor once again. The hole warp was definatley more fav part of the download. The gimmick is realitivley easy to make but can be abit time...
  15. LittleLead

    Saturday Night Contest - Trick with a Treat

    yea chris, your entry blew my mind
  16. LittleLead

    Orbit Control

    Its just a one card middle pass by ken krenzel :P
  17. LittleLead

    TRANSIT by Calen Morelli

    He is now my favorite magician
  18. LittleLead

    Jason Englands Riffle Stacking:: Not much of a review

    Although there isnt much Jason can teach on this move it is worth every penny. He is amazing at this utility move and gives so many different "drills" to accomplish this. I thought he went over every little thing perfectly and went in depth on the smallest things. There is not much to review...
  19. LittleLead

    How to design a business card~ Essay #5 by JDG

    Lol you guys cant beat this guys business card :P
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