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    Card College 2?

    Hi all, I just purchased the first Card College volume, and I’m thinking about purchasing the second one as well, however, I have a few questions before I spend $40 on it. I already know a few of the slights taught in the second book, however, the chapter on Misdirection is what really...
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    Mnemonica stack question

    Hi all, I’m not trying to reveal too much, but I have a question about Mnemonica. Suppose that someone picks the JH as their card, and you ask them to pick a number between 1 and 25, and they pick 2, what out would you use in a situation like that?
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    Card Switching Device

    Hi all, Could anyone point me in the right direction as to where to research what Card Switching devices do and what kind of effects can be obtained by using them? I am looking into purchasing one (particularly M-Case or Mint Box) but before I make a purchase I want to make sure it accomplishes...
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    Books/Resources on Trick Decks?

    Hi all, I wanted to know if there are any books/resources to learn more about trick decks, such as the stripper, mirage, invisible, and Svengali decks? I still am quite new to magic, so any information is greatly appreciated? (And I know that many advise reading magic books that teach sleights...
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    Two of Hearts routine

    Hi all, My girl’s birthday is coming up in August, and as a special something I wanted to post myself doing a magic routine for her that involved the Two of Hearts card, and for the routine I wanted all of the cards to change to Two of Hearts cards. However, I’m not sure where would be a good...
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    Where to get beach themed playing cards?

    Hey all, I have a friend who loves the beach and loves functional playing cards, and I was wondering if there are any good decks you guys know of that are both beach-inspired and feel good to handle (preferably not the kinds of cards that are only for design). Any help would be great!
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    Fake or Real: Cold Reads?

    Hi All, Quick question, I’m new to the Mentalism side of magic, and I was wondering about some of the routines I’ve seen on YouTube, particularly, what I like to call a “Cold Read”. It’s where the magician asks the spectator to think of any card, and the magician names it without anything to go...
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    Best beginner book for Mentalism?

    Hi All, I have been doing magic for about 4 months now, specifically card magic. However, I’d like to get more into mentalism, as I feel like those tricks get some of the best reactions. So I was wondering which Mentalism book you guys would recommend as a starting point to get into this form...
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    Ideas for changing an object into a card in someone else's hand?

    Hi All, So the other day I thought of a cool card teleportation routine. However, for the reveal, I was wondering if this would be plausible: I would like to give someone an object that doesn't appear to be a card, let them hold it between their hands, and magically, it turns int the...
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    What magic books should I get? (Beginner)

    Hi guys. I started doing magic less than 2 months ago. I have bought some tricks from theory 11, and I just enjoy it so much. But to my question, what books should I get in order to learn basic magic, particularly sleight of hand, card tricks, coin tricks, and some other basic tricks like cups...
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