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    Pressure Disclaimer?

    I would simply be prepared. I do not think it is rude at all if you casually ask if a person is allergic to something. Simply, when you pull out the balloon straight up ask: "You're not allergic to latex are you?" and await their response. If they say yes, have a trick 100% ready to go and...
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    Inversion Routine

    I do a borrowed deck version of A.F.I. found in Avenue. Also an old one by David Stone.
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    True Astonishments - Easter Eggs

    Found it friends! I knew the tricky buggers would do this: In disc 4, on the Trailer that shows up at the beginning of every disc (you know, the one you always skip). After the little girl says something, the magician behind the mushroom will show. Hit enter on your remote and you will be...
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    Keith Fields How to Handle Hecklers

    Hello friend. The book is helpful in the sense that you get to read about the experiences Keith has had on the road handling hecklers as a comedian and a magician. It does give good advise (in my opinion) about what to do with different types of hecklers. The only problem is, you can only truly...
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    Andthensome Review

    Sorry to say neither will be on the final version of the disc. Juan Martinez
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    Andthensome Review

    I believe it is. Flic, the boomerang card is very easy to learn and it looks killer when you do it. Juan Martinez
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    Andthensome Review

    No problem man, I am actually glad you asked, since you are right, I did not make this clear before you posted. Thanks to your question I was able to make the correction. Thank you all for your kind words, I wanted to make this as complete as I could so people could make an informed...
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    Andthensome Review

    Again, just to clarify: the DVD is not out yet, I saw the whole thing before it was sent off for mass production. The Bucks were kind enough to allow me to review this before it was released so people knew what they were getting into before they purchased. Thank you again for the kind words...
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    Andthensome Review

    I did not. As I noted on the beginning of the review, I saw it before it was sent off for printing. Thank you for your kind words. Juan Martinez
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    Andthensome Review

    Everythingelse Goat Change Impressions: Wow. Now this is a freaking awesome color change. Practicality: This ******* is knacky! If can do it, it looks like trick photography, but it is not the easiest thing to do. Again, if you get it, people will freak out. Shepherd Change...
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    Andthensome Review

    Anthensome Review by Juan Martinez Packaging & Case look: The packaging and case look will probably be very close to the ones fro the Trilogy, seeing as this is a bonus disk for that set. The build I saw was finished but still before mass production, so Packaging and Case could not be assessed...
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    Avenue Review

    The move itself is akin to the "ego" or "cardini" color changes. This is to say that Pughe's Pass is used as a color change as well. However, Pughe's Pass has the advantage of being able to control which direction the card is facing after the change. Therefore it could be (and it is on the DVD)...
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    Avenue Review

    I would say it is explained plenty clear. If you have the book and this video and PRACTICE you will have this down in no time. Juan Martinez
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    Avenue Review

    The change is taught in full detail, including a practice tip that will speed up your learning process. The noise is covered by motivation. The flick would cause a noise, and the noise itself actually cue the audience to a "magical moment" which was suggested by Michael Skinner, as opposed...
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    Avenue Review

    Avenue Review. Packaging: The DVD comes in a standard case. Menus: The menus are very clear. As it has become Dan and Dave practice, the effects and explanations now are not called “effects” and “explanations.” In this disk the effects are called Avenue and the explanations are called...
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    Open Travelers Transpo Redux

    As mentioned work on the tent vanish. Not yet mentioned: work on the rhythm of the final counts.
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    Dan Sperry : Card Manipulation 1-on-1!

    Not to start crap but this is a very similar download to what Dan and Dave have been offering on their website for a few weeks now...
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    ★★★★★ // {bulletin} // :: PROPAGANDA ★★★★★

    and some don't. The only thing i'm looking forward to on this site is the TOOC videos.
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    New 1-on-1 Tonight :: Jason England Returns

    I don't think we'll see Aaron do a one on one for a while. I hope it is the bottom deal tonight. Juan M.
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    Holiday Promotions

    Dude you took the words right out of my mouth. I think the things you "could" win are ok, but the stuff that is guaranteed at each level (75, 150 and 300 bucks) is just garbage. Again, this is also just my opinion. Juan M.
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