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  1. TheoryGV

    Hi I'm here to let everyone know of a new community that has just been started it's called totallywp and was created by a member of the Dan and Dave forums and is in need of more member. This site was the solution to Dan and Dave closing down there spring cleaning section but us much more than a...
  2. TheoryGV

    Taking a break form magic

    Hey guys i am taking a little break form magic and flourishing to presue art more and focus on school a little bit more so i have decided to sell off some of the magic stuff that sits in my closet like A used True astonishments DVD set for $210 free shipping...
  3. TheoryGV

    Search and Destrory

    ok so i want to make a review fpr this DVD befor it came out firstly to show off that i have it already. Bu the real reason is to help you make a choice of buying it. Seach and Destroy Effect This is a slow motion sandwhich effect done in the spectators hands Teaching Ok he teaches...
  4. TheoryGV

    Uncut Sheet of Guardians

    ok so i got this uncut sheet of gaurdians andw as wondering how much it is worth so i know what to sell it for. Did i metion its signed by DM lee asher Danny G wayne H DANA And JB ok and if you want to buy this befor i put it on ebay just pm me o and will upload pics later
  5. TheoryGV

    Flic by Dan and Dave

    ok in andthensome they say they do not know the propoer crediting and i wanted to find out so here is what i came across. Ok in Jeff mcbrides zoom bounce flip DVD he teaches a move called the thumb flick spin which is what dan and dave call Flic i do not have the dvd at this miment but on the...
  6. TheoryGV

    Show Us your Collection

    ok i know alot of people collect cards or just have a buttload so i just wanted to drule over everyone elses so post a pic or vid
  7. TheoryGV

    Which will I get more out of?

    ok i was wondering which one of these i would get more out of New Magig of Japan by richard kaufman or Five times Five Japan Edition by Richard Kaufman ok mostly do cards and with somethimes do coins and i could not find any reviews for these so help would be helpful.
  8. TheoryGV

    Holiday Contest prizes

    ok i was one of the winners of the contest i won the uncut sheet and have heard nothing about it i got no tracking # and still have not reciveded it and was wondering if any other winners have gotten there stuff ps i already tryed asking jon he said he would give me a trcking # and that was a...
  9. TheoryGV

    d+M Knife Crime?

    ok i was looking at Jon R page and saw this comment Gianni YO JR HOWS U ? YE I WAS TALKING 2 D+M WEN HE CAME HOME ABOUT THE KNIFE CRIME COZ WE WANTED 2 DO SUM STUFF WITH HIS KNIFE AND NOW WE CANT DO ANY KIND OF TRICK WITH 1 boooooooooooooooo , Ok so anyone here about this did DM comment...
  10. TheoryGV

    Bolted Cases

    ok i am looking for a crad case to display my cards and yes i have a dsplay fro DnD does any one know where i could find a bolted card case like the one here
  11. TheoryGV

    Jerry's at Gamblers General speaks for its self
  12. TheoryGV

    SAndwhich Battle

    ok here it is make the best sandwhich no jk ok do a sandwhich routine 1. no duplicates 2.title and music 3. no editing to effect trick
  13. TheoryGV

    Jerrys Nugget Decks

    hey all Ok soi am getting some jerrys and was wondering what one to open the red or the blue My first question is dose one handle better like the brown wynns handle better than the red. And alos in your opinon what one looks better in color red or blue Ok thanks ahead of time TheoryGV...
  14. TheoryGV

    Flourisher Needed

    hey i want to know if there is a good flourisher out there that would like to team up with me and make a video for the split spades contest anyone interested pm me
  15. TheoryGV

    Color Changes

    battle 3 to 5 color changes music titles must use magic\ any takers i just saw i spelt color wrong
  16. TheoryGV

    Double Change Voting Open

    go here and vote ps. if you dont vote me i will crimp your jerrys just kidding but really vote for the one you like best
  17. TheoryGV

    Queens Battle

    Do your own 4 of a kind trick 1. no editing 2. must have patter if interested send me a challenge
  18. TheoryGV

    Which Deck To Buy Tonight?

    ok by now you have probaly now they are going to reease both brown wynns and white cent so i know i am not going to get both so which should i get i know that the white cents are rare but the brown wynns have a good quality
  19. TheoryGV

    More card art pics

    here is some more pics i tok dananddaves contest inspired actully this is my entry anyways here they are with the first set i took no color effect this time
  20. TheoryGV

    Gambling routines

    i am looking for a gambling routine i can do at my next show it will be tabel hopping so it needs to have instant reset any suggestions?
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