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  1. jcherry

    Jeff McBride a One Hit Wonder?!

    So, I'm traveling on business and it's one of those days where there is nothing to do. So I flick on the tube for some background noise and it's on VH1. They're counting down the greatest one hit wonders. I look up as they start playing The Outfields " I Just Want to Use Your Love Tonight"...
  2. jcherry

    Such Skillz and So Young

    MODS if this is off topic go ahead and shut it down. I know there have been inspiring vids posted before and there are several skill videos here as well. From cards, to juggling, to some Michael Jordan post way back when. Well, check this 6 year old out...
  3. jcherry

    Has anyone spoke with JM recently?

    Just curious if anyone has heard when or if Capture has been/will be shipped? His site still says pre-order. Anyword? JM?
  4. jcherry

    Anyone in Phoenix?

    I'm flying out to Phoenix this weekend for work and was wondering if there are any good magic shops out there. We don't have any where I'm at, so I like to check out the shops when I travel for work. So... anyone know of any? John
  5. jcherry

    Temptation by Mr. Gordon Bean

    A few years ago I lived down in Kansas City and I frequented a place called The U.S. Toy Company. They had one of the largest magic sections that I have seen, not too many places around my part of the midwest. So one day I was making a purchase and the very good salesman coaxed me with the "if...
  6. jcherry

    Cards and Humidity

    I read these forums frequently, but am rather quiet when it comes to posting. I chime in whenever I feel necessary and now I finally am confused/frustrated enough to start a thread. I flew down to Atlanta, GA for a few days for some company business and I brought 2 Guardian decks with me...
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