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  1. Luka Malenšek

    The Lecleric Show

    Hey guys, this is something worth checking out! A magician from Canada, Eric Leclerc has a new 365 days of magic project for us magicians. It's similar to the 365 days of magic by Callen Morelli. And with addition to that he will be giving away stuff every month! So please go check out the...
  2. Luka Malenšek

    My first HD flourishing video Hi guys, as always, i post my new video here every time i upload one. Now in HD:). Feedback appreciated.
  3. Luka Malenšek

    Impro.jam the quickest jam i've ever had. pure fun!
  4. Luka Malenšek

    Magic Shops in NY

    hy guys...i will go to new york in february and i want to ask you what is/are the best magic shop/s in ny(like times square and nearby)...if there are any of course.
  5. Luka Malenšek

    A Quick Design removed the angels in the circles and corner angels will try to modify it even more feedback?
  6. Luka Malenšek

    Robbery - My New Effect the video says it all.
  7. Luka Malenšek

    The Pass with Aron Prins - A Complete Review

    V.ideo O.n D.emand: The Pass with Aron Prins-> A complete review Well first here is the link where you can find it Ok lets start with the review. To get to the video is pretty simple: add to cart > confirm > checkout > paypal payment > pdf email delivery In PDF...
  8. Luka Malenšek

    Bug Report

    i go on the gear section of the site and when i try to click for manipulation deck it automatically adds the item to my cart and does not display the details.
  9. Luka Malenšek

    TOOC - Release Date

    Any new updates about it? For me, i just can't wait for it to come out.
  10. Luka Malenšek

    Biddle Trick Weirdness?

    Hy guys i have a question: i perform the biddle trick on every day my friends, people at school and also random i found out a really weird the very end when i say spread through the cards...they immediately turn over the top card expecting that one to be...
  11. Luka Malenšek

    Artist Diary 01 - Andrei Jikh

    Why didn't andrei jikh posted an artist diary, and CK and Aaron Fisher and Lee Asher. maybe they will in the future
  12. Luka Malenšek

    Guardians Concept

    Just playing around with photoshop because i got bored and had nothing to do. i kinda like the white ones. feedback. White Guardians Red Guardians Blue Guardians...
  13. Luka Malenšek

    Wynn Playing Card Box

    where can i find these boxes, i mean decks with this box. the cards don't need to be wynn's. the cheaper the better. it must have the exact same design as in the picture. no special color. i am only interested in the boxes.
  14. Luka Malenšek

    Mnemonica stack

    where can i find the mnemonica stack tricks. i did some search. and nothing.
  15. Luka Malenšek

    Smoke & Mirrors Concepts

    Hy guys, just want to share these ones with you. Mirrors concept black Mirrors concept red Mirrors concept blue Cheers
  16. Luka Malenšek

    Looking for a color change battle

    OK time to battle someone. Color change battle. No video edit required, under 2 minutes, no video edited tricks, all changes allowed.
  17. Luka Malenšek

    Smoke & Mirrors - In People's Mail?

    Squirrel Magix should know what i am talking about. he told me he got an ace of spades from the smoke&mirrors in his mail. Kinda weird if i even want to believe that
  18. Luka Malenšek

    Wynn Jumbo Indexes - Red & Blue!

    Another question about cards. i just got two decks of red/blue wynn's and they are jumbo index. not that i am pissed off or sth., i like jumbo index cards a lot, but these cards were used in casino for real games. regular indexes weren't. So don't be surprised when you see a jumbo index on...
  19. Luka Malenšek

    The logic questions

    Split spades lions comes with an add card that has 7 logic questions on it. On the bottom it says: answers at i can't seem to find those answers. I think i got three of them right.
  20. Luka Malenšek

    Lee Asher photo

    Hy guys for all of you who saw the newsletter about lee must have seen the image of him.... here is his new effect....the non-gravity water suspension. For extra proof there is a fish in the zip lock bag.
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