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    That Friggin Trick...

    Raise Rise by Ray Cosby, and any of the Buck twins' stuff lol
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    The Magic Castle

    I'm also a member there. on top of the performance, they'll also ask you a few questions regarding your background/experiences in magic. Like linerc said, even simple ones will work, as long as you get your routine down. One of my friends did the steel ball and tube with his own presentation...
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    oh man, sorry about the late reply! have been busy! if you still would like to jam sometime...

    oh man, sorry about the late reply! have been busy! if you still would like to jam sometime, let me know! I'm pretty close to the block or Irvine
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    Chris Kenner, Rudy Coby and T11 LIVE at the Castle!

    I just saw that at the castle website!! I'll be there!!!!!!!!! now besides Chris, which it says he'll be performing at the parlour, which other members of the T11 will be there?! I can't wait...
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    So you figured out the method...

    The only part that I don't agree is that the method is the most worthless part of magic. IMO, Without the method, there won't be an effect, thus the method isn't the most worthless part of magic. I would rephrase it as the method isn't the single most important part of magic. Presentation...
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    Orange County Magicians

    OC over here as well!
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    Do TnRs go completely against magic?

    they had a video cam along with a backscreen showing it as it goes. The camera was shooting directly from center, couldn't asked for a better angle lol.
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    Do TnRs go completely against magic?

    IMHO, giving away the restored card at the end of TnR is a good idea. The evidence of a restored card is in their own hands, and their memories serve another evidence. When you leave someone a card, it's a trigger to the event that happened. Everytime they see the card, they'll talk about how...
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    Your Autographs

    I can only remember the following: Danny Garcia John Lovick Martin Nash Michael Ammar Greg Wilson Andrew Goldenhersch Ted Lesley Paul Green Tom Ogden John Carney Lee Asher Aaron Fisher John Gustaferro Bruce Cervon Gay Blackstone Shoot Ogawa John LeClaire Lance Burton Max...
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    Saturday Night Contest: Merry Chris(Kenner)mas

    congrats to the winners!! great work!
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    Jay Sankey on Fancy Decks

    Well said. I totally agree with you on this one. IMO, we are not talking about how you present yourself/routine. I'm talking about the moment you bring the special decks out, people will have suspicion. Once they have a preconceived notion of suspecting a trick deck, what you do afterwards...
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    Passing Thru by Kevin Parker

    the Effect looks amazing, but you end dirty.. very dirty....
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    Special Announcement : Wynn Decks - Limited Supply Released

    holy... gone in about 5min????!!!!! luckily I got a brick of them! whew it's on again tomorrow night! this is more exciting than ebay :D
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    Re-sealing Opened Decks (in plastic)

    I thought there was a little controversy about that routine. I've heard from various sources that it's Shawn Farquhar's FISM routine.
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    Shame On You Lee Asher!

    Lee is absolutely right!! they are only cards! what's the big deal? so Lee, mind throwing a deck of nuggets at me just for fun? ;) hehe
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    The DG secret training program... maybe...

    hey glad to see you here DG! now.. you AND W:H are both ninjas.. are you guys looking for 3 more to form the real mighty morphin power magicians?!!!!!!!!
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    Special Announcement : Wynn Decks - Limited Supply Released

    thats' what I get for going out for lunch.. I MISSED IT! arg thanks for the refresh time JB! i'm going to set 3 alarms on it!
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    Prime Cut

    there are no gimmicks involved.
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    Small Hands Problem That Needs Fixing

    you gotta practice, and find out how to work things out to compensate with small hands, and you will :) When I met Lance Burton years ago, I asked him to put his hand up, so I compared mine against his... the tip of my middle finger was only at his second knuckle. So I said, ah, no wonder...
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