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  1. 4757joshua2


    The following is another of my super in depth reviews about the D&D Trilogy. I'm just going to write as I see the various parts, as I have yet to watch all of it. I shall bump this thread and delete this notice when I am finished. Enjoy. DISC ONE:TRICKS Card across- Poor effect. You...
  2. 4757joshua2

    Knife Manipulation: Where?

    Are there any DVDs out there that teach knife manipulation? Can I get some recommendations please? Much appreciated.
  3. 4757joshua2

    4757joshua2 vs. Leon

    Details and the Dizzle we appear right here in seven days when the 4757 vs. L battle commences. Yall be sure to vote!
  4. 4757joshua2

    Tres Pass: Fast answer if possible.

    About how long would it take a person with no Pass experience to learn Tres Pass?
  5. 4757joshua2


    Do I need to know the System before tackling disc two of the Trilogy?
  6. 4757joshua2

    Totally Out of Control

    If you hadn't guessed this is a review of Totally Out of Control by Chris Kenner. Couple'a things before we get started on the descriptions of the actual tricks. First off, Kenner doesn't spoon feed you anything. There are no descriptions of basic slights and sometimes he doesn't suggest a...
  7. 4757joshua2

    Ye Olde 1-on-1 Shop

    So, what's tonights 1-on-1 gonna be do you think?
  8. 4757joshua2

    The Right Stuff

    Can someone make an the Right Stuff review?
  9. 4757joshua2

    1-on-1 - It's that time of week again!

    So, what do you think tonight's 1-on-1 will be? I think it'll be the center deal, bottom deal, or double deal.
  10. 4757joshua2

    Dangerous Questions

    I have few questions about some of the tricks on Mystique. Focus: Can the card be signed? Breach: Can the card be signed? I am thinking about putting these moves into an ACR...
  11. 4757joshua2

    Ultimate Five Speed Battle. (With a twist!)

    Whoever can do Five Speed the fastest wins. You will have two days to get ready, and voting will be open for two more days. (The winner will be obvious, so there is no reason to make it longer.) Is anyone man enough to take me?
  12. 4757joshua2

    This Week's 1-on-1?

    It's that time of week again! So who knows what tomorrow's 1-on-1 will be?
  13. 4757joshua2

    Does RIOT have a gimmick?

    See above.
  14. 4757joshua2


    With Halloween in just a few days, and Thanksgiving right around the corner, I'm beginning to get excited! Thats right, Christmas is coming! So here's the question: What are you getting for Christmas? (Magic wise.) This thread is not only for fun though! It serves the valuable purpose of...
  15. 4757joshua2


    Sorry I'm late this week! From now on these thread will appear on Thursday. So, last week we wanted a coin magic 1-on-1 with Chris Kenner, or an easy Pass. Is' that still what we want???
  16. 4757joshua2

    1-on-1 tomorrow night?

    So, who wants to speculate on what tomorrow's 1-on-1 will be?
  17. 4757joshua2

    Shifty or S.W. Elevator?

    Which is best? Which is more difficult? Which is more "angley?"
  18. 4757joshua2

    Next 1-on-1?

    So, who knows what the new 1-on-1 is going to be? I stole your lightning Creeper.
  19. 4757joshua2

    Sandwich Tricks

    Ok guys, can you recommend some non E or t11 sandwich effects? (Any difficulty, set up or no.) I will much appreciate your help...
  20. 4757joshua2

    Fallen and Shifty

    Which has better angles, Fallen or Shifty? Which is more difficult? What gets the best reactions? Thanks
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