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  1. heavymetalholic

    Omniscient By Cedric Taylor

    Hey whats up, its been a long time since I have been active here on this website; although I have been very active performing, learning, and practicing the art. This is a review for a product I got called Omniscient. I have been performing strictly mentalism for a while now, so a product...
  2. heavymetalholic

    Anyone know what trick this is?

    It be greatly appreciated if anyone could help me find out what trick this is, if it is unpublished buy you know a routine that is similar I would also appreciate that! thank you in advance!
  3. heavymetalholic

    Don't trust andrew mayne

    Anyone else catch the first two episodes of this?? What is your opinion on this show?
  4. heavymetalholic

    My Presentation of Pressure

    This is My presentation for the Theory11 Effect Pressure. Let me know what you think! I have been performing it this way for a while and it always gets laughs. Any Creative Critique is always welcome! Enjoy!
  5. heavymetalholic

    Hey We Decided to Start making new videos!

    Hey Guys Whats up! My Friend Jhon and I have been a little inactive with magic/hypnosis videos. We Recently Found time to start filming again so we will be going out again soon to start blowin minds again and spreading the joy! Here is a link to our youtube and facebook if you guys want to...
  6. heavymetalholic

    Non Card Magic.

    Hey Guys whats up! I been in and out of the magic game for years now. I enjoy preforming, but I don't always find time too sadly. I realized over the years that I enjoy non card magic a lot more then I do preforming with a deck. I see a lot of great looking tricks that do not use a deck...
  7. heavymetalholic

    Why do things seem a little dead online?

    Hey guys, It seems odd to me, and maybe things have changed a bit. I'm not the kind of guy to be online on these forums daily, but I do stop by every now and then. Is it just me or do these and other magic forums seem a little dead as of late? If I remember correctly, things seemed a lot busier...
  8. heavymetalholic

    Mind Eraser What is your take or opinion on this. looks pretty sweet.
  9. heavymetalholic

    Daniel Garcia Projects 4-6

    Now Available at just thought i would let ya know ;) looks to be a GREAT set
  10. heavymetalholic


    Ok, Smoke to me looks sick, This Is my kind of magic. But there are a few questions i wanted to ask 1. can you use the gimmick to produce smoke for a extra effect say when preforming something from Daniel Madisons Burn? or does the gimmick only allow you to perform the effect shown ont he...
  11. heavymetalholic

    Prediction Player Card to Shirt

    This Is new at Elusionist im guessing I like the idea a lot, very commercial, any opinions?
  12. heavymetalholic

    Trilogy + andthensome - On The Street?

    Does anyone have have footage of any of the tricks from the DVDs Trilogy or Andthensome in a live setting for real audiance? would love to see it
  13. heavymetalholic

    David Stones Duncan

    OK I really want to perform this mini miricale, but i want to do it in a street setting. The effect it self is super simple, but one question, even if I was performing this at restaurants (like shown in the DVD) how do you store a fish? I am not talking a bout when its time to perform in the...
  14. heavymetalholic

    Crush Forum Please

    AS the title states, would it be ok if JB or whoever is in charge of the forum, make a Crush forum like you did for preassure? it would help a lot of people out that have problems and could come upw ith cool new ways to do this mind blowing effect, anyone else would like a private forum besides me?
  15. heavymetalholic

    Another year of baby names - Daniel Madison is still there...

    Last year there was a cool post with the most popular baby names and for boys it was daniel, for girls it was madison haha funny enough, this year the names daniel, and madison are still together, they just moved down a bit in popularity...
  16. heavymetalholic

    Is it all camera tricks? Any ideas on these routines? anyone any ideas?
  17. heavymetalholic

    New d+M projects?

    Hey does anyone know if d+m is having any new DVD releases with Theory11? or any DVD releases in general coming up? i love his style of magic, and was just wondering
  18. heavymetalholic

    The Real Magic of Criss angel just wanted to post this, thought it was hillarious.
  19. heavymetalholic

    Party Tonight

    just came back from a really sick luau style party, the entertainment hired was somehow forgotten when i started performing, to be honest though the hoola dancers hired were overweight seniors ( im being serious on that , not making a joke) I was asked to perform by my girlfriends cousin (which...
  20. heavymetalholic

    any word on this effect? any reviews or so? i love the idea of it although the one taught in lit is cool, i was looking for something a little more practical
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