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  1. ChrisKenner

    This is Why I Don't Post Much

    I LOVE theory11 more than anything. I love what it stands for and the products that it produces and most of all I love that we have less of a barrier between our team and our members than any site - but we emphasize that intentionally to make it clear to our to you guys that all of us are only...
  2. ChrisKenner

    Dear FleGz - Undecided Dear FleGz, I have to say that you have inspired me. "Undecided" - your take on my color changing tens routine - is AWESOME. Stylish. Precise. Clever. I was blown away when I watched it. I felt like a little kid that just saw his first card trick. I...
  3. ChrisKenner

    Great story about young magician tonight

    This is why I love magic. It is also one of the many reasons that I have so much respect for the youth of magic today. For anyone that does not know. I am the producer for David Copperfield and we are currently on tour in Florida. Right before the 6pm show tonight one of the crew guys came...
  4. ChrisKenner

    Shhhhhh Katie's Birthday... costume party TONIGHT

    It is Katie's birthday on Sunday and we are having the craziest costume party at our house tonight (Saturday) if anyone is in Vegas let me know. The house is decorated like the Haunted Mansion. It is going to be tons o fun......... Party starts at MIDNIGHT. Chris Kenner
  5. ChrisKenner

    Not another Chris Kenner 1-on-1... Wait that's me.

    I would love for some input. Everyone has given me such great feedback I figured I should ask what you would like to see me teach. Chris Kenner PS I want to see a Katie 1on1..............
  6. ChrisKenner

    Origin of the name Sybil...

    I noticed a thread about the origin of the name "Sybil" I thought I would give you some insight. I gave the cut the name "Sybil". The name comes from a women named Sybil Isabel Dorsett. She is one of the most famous cases of multiple personalities ever. I figured that that cut had...
  7. ChrisKenner

    Chris Kenner : Q&A >>> You Ask. I Answer.

    Guys, Hope all is well. Tonight is Tuesday and theory11 has two videos shoots going on at once. A bunch of 1-on-1's will be up THIS week as well. In the meantime, and while we're shooting some stuff, I had an idea. We get a lot of emails every day from theory11 members around the globe. I...
  8. ChrisKenner

    Chris and Katie's house in Magazine

    This article just came out a few days ago in Las Vegas Home & Design. Please don't take the most magicians are dorks line personal. Chris Kenner
  9. ChrisKenner

    NEW 1on1 clips

    Guys, First off, thanks for all the great comments on the 1on1 section. This is one of the sections of the site that we're most excited about as well. I did find it funny that one person called the 4for4 switch "cute". My puppy is cute. Especially the way she moves her little head and likes to...
  10. ChrisKenner

    Raising the bar

    I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am watching this unfold. This is only the beginning....... Chris Kenner
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