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  1. JoshDestroys

    Custom decks... why not make some marked decks?

    With all the magic companies making AMAZING custom decks, and what not, why not make a marked variation of any of these? Or even better, a custom deck that is marked? I used marked decks all the time, and I don't care if people chime in and say I'm not a good magician or whatever...because in...
  2. JoshDestroys

    Shipping Prices on Cards Question?

    To all at Theory11... It's hard for me to understand the logic in buying a brick of say Tally Ho's for example at about $26, and then have to pay a little over $15 for shipping to California. Can't we flat rate ship it for say $5 or something? I could tolerate buying a brick, and after...
  3. JoshDestroys

    Protected Forum For SMOKE?

    JB... Any chance of a protected forum for SMOKE buyers to discuss effects and presentation ideas? It would be nice to trade stories and ideas for when to do the load and even how to use it in exsisting routines like card 2 mouth, and French Kiss. -JOSH
  4. JoshDestroys

    Bicycle 809 Mandolin?

    To anyone at T11... Are you guys planning on stocking the new Bicycle 809 Mandolin backs to sell?? -JOSH
  5. JoshDestroys

    Invisible decks without the DVD

    Is it possible to buy any of the theory11 invisible decks without having to buy the DVD as well? -JOSH
  6. JoshDestroys

    Bicycle 125's

    Got my Bicycle 125's today. They feel great right out of the box. The feel and finish is much like a regular deck of Bicycle Rider Backs, but the artwork and attention to detail on the 125's is great. All the pips have an old school vintage feel to em, as well as the larger court cards. You...
  7. JoshDestroys

    PSI series or Pyschological Subtleties 2 & 3

    To anyone that has the above... which did you get more out of and what seems more worth the money... thanks in advance. -JOSH
  8. JoshDestroys

    No Props for Props...

    I wasn't stoked on these upon taking em out of the box. Play with em for a bit and they handle great. I jumped the gun a bit on these cards. The back designs are great in my opinion. They remind of a campaign from OBEY (clothing company). If you don't like them right outta the box, play...
  9. JoshDestroys

    Obvious THREAD question...

    To Wayne, or anyone else that has purchased the download and gone thru it... how safe is wayne houchin's "geek" method of thread??? anyone care to comment on this? -JOSH
  10. JoshDestroys

    eXile Review - Reliable?

    This is my first review of a product on here, and I felt like I should post a review of this product because I felt a little let down by it. Now, don't get me wrong, this effect looked amazing on the Blaine special, and I believe it is great thinking...but in my opinion, just doesn't work in...
  11. JoshDestroys

    eXile problem... help?

    Im running into a couple problems with eXile... anyone that has it...i could use some help. -JOSH
  12. JoshDestroys

    For Owners of Digital Dissolve...

    I just got my order today... great shipping, great products...everything. I just have a question for anyone else that got Digital Dissolve... Does anyone find that the gimmick doesnt neccesarily match up? Ive tried the trick a couple times for family and ive been called out on the gimmick...
  13. JoshDestroys

    Props to T11

    Props to all at T11. Way to bring something new and refreshing to everyone out there. I wish you the best of luck, and much success with this endeavor. To the magiccafe peeps. Damn good job on those clues. I followed, never posted...but you guys are brilliant. -JOSH
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