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  1. n0va_jason

    Rebirth of the Aspiring Magician and the Changes of Time

    Hi there, nice to hear from you. T11 went through some form of remodelling or change a few months back, and yes they scraped the Wire. Honestly I don't even think they had been planning to release it anyway, but I can't really say much on that. The new logo is based on a somewhat more futuristic...
  2. n0va_jason

    Magic on the Offbeat: Genius!

    I especially enjoyed how Oz Pearlman taught the performance of Perfection, which was performing it in the offbeat. I have to agree with you, the offbeat is the perfect moment to stun your audience. If done right, everything you choose to perform, whether it's easy as pie or difficult as hell...
  3. n0va_jason

    Where is a good place to start with flourishing?

    Hi there! If you're a complete beginner to cardistry, I highly recommend Andrei Jikh's Genesis. It can be bought here on T11. It serves to introduce you to many basic moves that you will come to use in the near future, such as the spring, one-handed cuts and various fans. Moves such as Bullet...
  4. n0va_jason

    Please Help

    Pandora doesn't seem hard.... until you get down and try to learn it. I myself started to learn Pandora a few months back and the first phase itself made me avoid it for a week or two. Then I decided to myself, "anything is possible" and I sat down and watched, re-watched and watched the...
  5. n0va_jason

    When you are practicing flourishes...

    I usually only deal with a maximum of two flourishes (new ones) and practice it over and over until I perfect it. Of course, I don't neglect the ones I already know and do them too.
  6. n0va_jason

    tivo 2.0 best variation ever fool people best than the original one

    It's easier to just do TiVo 2.0 and continue with Hedberg's Peak. Not only does it clean up your first trick, you show off another transpo. :D
  7. n0va_jason

    Orbit Control

    I think the Orbit Control is a very useful, very versatile and very practical move if done correctly. Honestly the only bad angle is the bottom, and no one really will be looking upwards while you're performing! On the contrary, anyone on your left, front, right, or even behind (I think this is...
  8. n0va_jason

    Saturday Night Contest - Cardistry Card Lottery

    That was a hilarious fail but congratulations to the winners nonetheless!
  9. n0va_jason

    Asking Her To Prom

    I think a simple one would do. Sometimes it's the simple tricks or illusions that hit hard, and leave a statement. That said, I wouldn't go further than a rose production off "empty hands", or even a bouquet for that matter. The latter seems hard, but with the right misdirection I think you can...
  10. n0va_jason


    It's also by the Bucks.
  11. n0va_jason


    If you're looking for the basics, Genesis by Andrei Jikh is a great place to start. Otherwise, I really would recommend The Trilogy by the Buck twins, or Motion from Daniel Madison's Dangerous.
  12. n0va_jason


    It's always better to play safe than be sorry, I believe your respective queries are definitely understandable. Likewise, I may not make a decision till Draven's questions are answered. Till then, I will look forward to any updates on your project.
  13. n0va_jason


    This sounds interesting!
  14. n0va_jason

    A 7 year old stunned me :O

    As simple as the methods may be, perhaps we should try to encourage ourselves to, for once maybe, enjoy the viewpoint as a spectator, simply indulge in not knowing the method, and plainly love the art of magic. I may have some form of idea how she did it, but whether or not she used the same...
  15. n0va_jason

    Missing Cards?

    Hmm that prediction effect is quite an idea... looks like I do have something to do with decks that have cards given out due to them been signed! now... let's go look for some mentalism books...
  16. n0va_jason

    So im a beginner.....

    Everyone has this problem, you just need to stay positive and stay focused. I used to shun away from learning Pandora and Lethal because they well, looked too lethal. However, after watching so many videos of Dan performing Pandora and Daniel Madison displaying Lethal I convinced myself that I...
  17. n0va_jason

    Something New?

    I'll be looking forward to this, do update us!
  18. n0va_jason

    Missing Cards?

    Hi guys, I just opened a new deck of cards, a deck of Aladdin 1001s to be exact. As I took out the new deck I proceeded to make a fan, and then realized strangely that two cards were missing, specifically a 3 and a King. I was wondering if this happened to any of you before? It's really weird...
  19. n0va_jason

    Aladdin 1001 Finish

    I do believe that USPCC has stopped the production of aladdin 1001. Dan and Dave's website do not sell these, and I remember Dan stating on forums that USPCC have indeed ceased printing of the aladdins. That said, it's not easy to find them nowadays. The only exception to this would be if you...
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