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  1. chrystal baller

    Card splitting

    Hey I was wondering what glue and application method you guys use to combine cards after you have split them. Thanks. Clayton
  2. chrystal baller

    A Reflection

    Hey all, I just wanted to post some things I have been thinking about lately. First of all I was wondering if you guys ever get kind of down on magic? I kinda feel like that lately. I have not been very creative at all lately and almost nothing I see other magicians doing makes me stop and say...
  3. chrystal baller

    What was the last effect you were really excited about?

    Really, the title says it all. What was the last effect or routine you were really excited about learning and performing. What was the last effect that really side tracked you and consumed your thoughts in every day life when you were supposed to do something. what was the last effect that made...
  4. chrystal baller

    Is it just me?

    Hey guys I have noticed something really troubling lately. When I perform, spectators constantlygo straight to guessing the method. I don't know if it is my style of performing, I try to not present tricks as challenges but that seems to be how spectators take it. Do you have this problem? What...
  5. chrystal baller

    Cheapest Cards I've Ever Bought

    Hey guys. My dad picked up some cards for ke the other night. I was surprised by the cards when I opened the box. They were the new stock bicycles. I love the feel of these cards. the edges are smooth, the backs were not printed off center, and the cards were thinner and more flexible. So today...
  6. chrystal baller

    What Has Changed Your Magical Life?

    Hello, I was thinking about where I am with magic and where I would like to be and I'm just not quite sure how to bridge the gap. I know lots of people here will say practice or perform but just practicing and performing does not make perfect. I am going to pharmacy school next fall and I am...
  7. chrystal baller

    A phase we all go through?

    Hey guys. Before kick off this thread with whats on my mind, I just want to ask anyone and everyone, from those who have been involved with magic for a few years to seasoned pros, to read this and reply to it. Please members and artists alike, read and reply. I am eighteen and have been...
  8. chrystal baller

    Your FREAKEY Keys

    Hey I have had my keys for a while now and I have a question for all who have this trick. Has your normal brass key gotten tons of scratches from being on the key fob with the silver one? Mine has spots where the pretty tarnish has just scratched off; I had to scratch the Special one to match. I...
  9. chrystal baller


    Hey, I was wondering if having rough calluses effect how any of you are able to handle cards or coins or whatever ur weapon of choice may be. I used to work at Papa Murphy's a but we closed last month; since then, I'v been working on our farm alot more. The effect on my hands was almost...
  10. chrystal baller

    Prophet and Extreme burn

    can these two effects be performed with paper cut out and drawn on to look like money? I want to be able to take pieces of paper that say twenty on them and with a wave turn them into real money.
  11. chrystal baller

    Porper Clip

    Hey I have the porper clip form dan and daves site and i ordered one from e the other day. my clip from dan and dave is way tighter than my new clip from e. I was just wanting to know how tight your original porper clips are. I was wondering because e may have sent me the oversized one by mistake.
  12. chrystal baller

    Practice on Family?

    I have always practiced my magic on my dad and siblings. My first ever trick was a riffle force with a dupe in my back pocket; I'd shuffle and then reveal it in my pocket. This fooled my entire family for weeks until my dad figured it out. Now three years later I am doing much stronger and more...
  13. chrystal baller

    PK Rings

    I just wanted to know what brand or type of pk rings is best and strongest. also where can i buy one?
  14. chrystal baller

    Arrco US Regs

    Hey I was looking at buying some arrco cards. I have read that they are plastic coated. I was wondering if this helps them keep out moisture, such as palm sweat or humidity, rather than soaking it in like normal cotton-paper blend.
  15. chrystal baller

    Where do you like to perform?

    I was thinking today and now that summer is here, I'm not sure where I will be performing. I can't do it at work because i always have flour on my hands and never hav time anyway, im obviosly not in school, and unless you hav a camera on you people can act funny when you walk up and aske them if...
  16. chrystal baller

    Cheapest place to buy Tally-Ho?

    I was wondering where you guys buy your tally-ho fan backs? i have bought from Full Boat Dealer on ebay, but i checked this morning and he raised his prices to almost thirty dollars for a brick. so where do you buy bricks at a low price? and do any of you know where i could order in bulk for a...
  17. chrystal baller

    Tarantula Issue

    Hey guys, I just received my Tarantula yesterday (march 12). I didn't get home yesterday until around ten so I didn't feel like opening the gimmick and only popped in the DVD. I watched the whole thing twice and loved what I saw. This seemed like a gift from above. Needless to say, I was so...
  18. chrystal baller

    Has anyone tried this? Any thoughts? Has anyone seen this? Tried this?
  19. chrystal baller

    Silver Morgan Dollar Shells

    Where can I buy silver (morgan) dollar shells? i was looking at coin one but I don't think it comes with any.
  20. chrystal baller

    Split Spades

    Hey guys I just got my first three split spades decks today (congrats to me right) and I just had a few things I would like to ask you guys out of curiosity because this is a deck unlike any other for more reasons than quality. 1. Is there more than one edition of split spades? I saw that my...
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