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    B.T.B (Band thruBox)

    This is a mock trailer for one of my effects. I threw this together literally in five minutes on my webcam. Comment if You understand what the effect is. I understand the picture isnt crystal clear. Sorry.
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    Skype Jam

    if anybody ever wants to jam on skype my user name is " sean.mccurtain" (without quotations)
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    What genre of music is used on most T11 videos
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    Not really in relevance to anything but what is the modt collectible piece of magic you have bought? Mine is a uf grant original wrist chopper
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    New dvd project

    Hey. This is my first thread. Wanted to hear some thoughs on the idea of a new dvd project. It will have between 5 -ten tricks. Obects range from pens to cards to coins. Cant put too much detail. Right now though. Does anybody support this idea?
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