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  1. IsaacHaber

    Looking for a effect/trick

    learn some basic moves and make up a routine. check out Bobo's modern coin magic.
  2. IsaacHaber

    I'm looking for some tips on Ambitious Riser

    i know there are some other published effects that are similar in appearance, but much easier. i believe Chris Mayhew has something called Lazy Riser you might want to look into.
  3. IsaacHaber

    Looking for a effect/trick

    There are many different methods that could achieve this. What venue is this for? Stage, parlor, close-up, strolling? All of these will impact how you would want to go about finding a method. What you described is very close to an effect by David Regal. I don't recall the name, but he teaches it...
  4. IsaacHaber

    Is this a good set for walk around magic?

    Rev hit the nail on the head here. I use CMH as an opener in walk around all the time. I have found it to be very strong. And I'm not sure what angles you are referring to because CMH can be performed surrounded in my experience. I will usually do the unlink in my hands, then once with them...
  5. IsaacHaber

    Is This Possible?

    Derek DelGaudio and Helder Guimaraes did exactly that in their off broadway run, Nothing to Hide. They performed ACR simultaneously with a red deck and a blue deck. Then for the final phase, they found a card of the other's color, and it was each other's signed cards. Just to clarify, these card...
  6. IsaacHaber

    Flourishes with a smartphone

    I don't card flourish, because as a magician I feel it detracts from the magic. But I do enjoy phone flourishing and contact juggling. Andrei, if you want to release tutorials for your phone flourishes, I would certainly buy them, and I'm sure others would too.
  7. IsaacHaber

    Flourishes with a smartphone

    I do a spin on the tip of my finger. Calen Morelli was in a samsung commercial a while ago with some smartphone flourishes.
  8. IsaacHaber

    Tonight's Episode of Fool Us

    I too though it was one of the best episodes of the season. I've seen a lot of Penn and Teller (Vegas and Broadway), so I was happy to see their trick at the end because I'd never seen it before. Blake and Josh were already two of my favorite magicians, and I found Ben's routine to be very...
  9. IsaacHaber

    Is this a good set for walk around magic?

    I always keep my close-up/walk-around sets to three tricks. Opener - visual, not cards Middle - usually cards, no signing Closer - something with a signed card or a borrowed object This is just me though. I only found this framework by actually doing walk around gigs (and my reading Jamie D...
  10. IsaacHaber

    Magicians & Engineering

    If you entertain people with magic, your a magician. The better your are at entertaining people with magic, the better you are pf a magician. IMHO, its that simple. I create my own presentations, not to be original, but so that it fits me. If someone created a presentation that fitted me...
  11. IsaacHaber

    Piff the magic dragon card trick

    He also teaches it in his penguin live lecture. I found the lecture to be great over all too.
  12. IsaacHaber

    Blaine's Mentalism

    I make no claim to completely know how he did any of these because there is no way to know for sure what methods were being used. That one thing I will say is: PRE-SHOW.
  13. IsaacHaber

    David Blaine's Real Or MAgic

    The trick where the card travel into the spectators hands is called cards across. A version of it is taught in either Paul Harris's AoA or TA. There is also a person that is more similar to what Blaine did on Shimshi's old DVD.
  14. IsaacHaber

    Diving Back into Performing Again!

    I recently experienced something like this. I used to spend all of my time focusing on learning and creating magic, but I didn't really have a place to perform that often. About a year ago, I got really interested in stand-up and comedy (not comedy-magic, just comedy), and a lot of my focus...
  15. IsaacHaber

    Chair Test/Prediction

    You could check out Asi Wind's recent release at D&D. He calls it a "Chair Test with out the Chairs". Checkout the performance, it't pretty incredible.
  16. IsaacHaber

    Anyone else hate the Shapeshifter as a color change?

    To say it doesn't fool anyone is a little silly...because it does. :-) I use it all the time and have never been called out on it.
  17. IsaacHaber

    Whatever happened to...

    He does a lot of consulting so that probably takes up most of his time.
  18. IsaacHaber

    The History of the Linking Rubber Bands

    you could try emailing kenner.
  19. IsaacHaber

    The History of the Linking Rubber Bands

    If you haven't you should check out chris kenner's work on the linking rubber bands.
  20. IsaacHaber

    Mentalism Help

    You should look into pocket writing. You could ask what there order number was or how much their order cost, then reveal that you have that written down in your pocket.
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