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  1. ChaseC6

    Performing mentalism as a psychic

    So I have been getting into mentalism and after the quarantine is over I want to start performing. I have researched and from my understanding their are two main ways to convey your mentalism. Either as a psychic, or just being able to read body language and stuff. I would like to perform as a...
  2. ChaseC6

    Self working card tricks resources

    I am looking for suggestions on resources (preferably books) for powerful self-working card tricks. Anything from simple effects to stack work. Any advice is much appreciated.
  3. ChaseC6

    Magic Words

    There is often a stereotype that magicians use magic words. Many classic magicians did this and a few still do to day. Even books like PRISM suggest you utter an incantation. So my question is: would saying magic words still be appropriate today and if so what is an example of a magic word that...
  4. ChaseC6

    Social Media Magic Help

    So my schools principle suggested I should send in a magic video that he could post on the schools social media page. I would love to do this however I don't know what to perform. It needs to be short (a minute or less) and needs to be visual. I don't want to do too many slights as I'm worried...
  5. ChaseC6

    Dealing with hecklers

    Alright, so I have two questions. How do you guys as magicians deal with hecklers. The second question is, if your a mentalist how do you respond to the question: "If you can read minds, what am I thinking?"
  6. ChaseC6

    Ellusionist's how to read minds kit

    So as somewhat of a beginner in mentalism I am interested in ellusionist's how to read minds kit. I have bought things from ellusionist's before and have been somewhat dissapointed. However, after seeing the magicorthodoxy review on it, it seems great. Do you think it would be worth my money.
  7. ChaseC6

    Tricks with a svengali deck

    I recently got a svengali deck and am wondering if anyone has suggestions of cool tricks with it.
  8. ChaseC6

    Getting started in mentalism

    I have been in magic for a couple of years. However recently I have been interested in mentalism. Does anyone have suggestions for mentalism material or any tips for getting started.
  9. ChaseC6

    Restaurant Magic

    So I'm thinking about a gig at a restaurant and this particular gig would be a walk around gig where I would go up to tables and perform some tricks. My question is what are some effects I should do (I mostly do mentalism and card magic) and how long should I perform at each table?
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