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  1. Jenai

    AMAZING Experience.

    Hi everyone, This is something that happened to me about three days ago that I'd like to share. So I was watching TV and a commercial came up saying the Derren Brown Show would be on at 8pm. I'd already seen that episode twice the previous day but I figured I'd watch it...
  2. Jenai

    Logic and Magic?

    Hey everyone, So I just saw this post in the 'Cerca Trova Ideas' thread and thought it was an interesting thing worth discussing, I felt it'd be better to post it here since barely anyone looks into that section anymore. So here is the post. Although what Mark...
  3. Jenai

    Behind Blue Eyes - A cards perspective

    Behind Blue Eyes :: A card's perspective. Hello Everyone, Heres an a playing card face up on the table. Now, turn your head sideways and do a 180 flip. What you see is the same thing the card saw when you dealt it down. In this video, I did my best to capture the...
  4. Jenai

    What is Magic?

    Hey guys, Whats up? Some time ago, Jay Sankey posted this on twitter. Funny, I was thinking just the same thing after reading his book Beyond Secrets.(although it wasn't as well worded) I thought about 'magic', why I do magic and what I see magic as. I wanted to let...
  5. Jenai

    'Beyond Secrets' or 'Beyond Deception'

    Hey everyone, I need a little help. Im looking to buy some more magic books and I was having a hard time choosing between Beyond Secrets by Jay Sankey and Beyond Deception by Tobias Beckwith? I dont think this is one of those situations where I need to state my experience...
  6. Jenai

    Iknow by Jason Palter

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone owns this effect? It seems pretty awesome but I would like to know if it could be done with this version of the Ipod shuffle or does it have to be one with a screen? Sorry if this has been posted before but I cant use search...
  7. Jenai

    Quick Sandwich Effect

    A quick little trick. Please tell me what you think - Jenai
  8. Jenai

    Muscle Reading?

    Hey everyone, Im starting to get a little bit sucked into mentalism havent really tried it but judging from performances I've seen it seems totally awesome! I was just reading about Muscle Reading in particular and it seems REALLY COOL! I'd love to try it out ,any...
  9. Jenai

    Teach - Wayne Dobson

    Just wanted to share this video with everyone .I cant stop watching it, it's hillarious! Enjoy - Jenai
  10. Jenai

    What is this trick called?

    Hey everyone, I went to a magic show recently. Well, It was a magic competition, alot of participants and some great performances. One effect stuck in my head, Im not sure what its called but it really blew me away. The magician was speaking in a language I dont...
  11. Jenai

    Beginner/Intermediate level Books?

    Hey Guys, I need some help, I wanted some beginner/intermediate level Card & Coin magic Books. For coins I've selected JB Bobo's Modern Coin magic, But for card magic Im still debating between the following Expert at the Card Table Expert card technique Royal Road to...
  12. Jenai

    Street Magic - Tricks, Advice, Experiences, and Questions

    Hey Guys, I dont know if this has been posted before but anyway.... I absoloutely LOVE the concept of "Street Magic". I love the fact that you can do it wherever you dont need any fancy props or anything of that sort... So i decided to create a thread...A...
  13. Jenai

    Favourite Cardistry video

    Hey Guys, Very often im bored with nothing to do & I enjoy watching cardistry videos although i dont really do any cardistry i like watching the videos.But sadly its pretty hard to find really good stuff so I thought id post a thread about it & ask you guys :)...
  14. Jenai

    Card Forces

    Hey guys, Just curious here What is your favourite card force to use for Forcing the top/bottom card? I dont know too many but i like using the Slip force if I need to force the top card and Hindu Shuffle if I need to force the Bottom card (thats like the best one I know...
  15. Jenai

    The Trilogy - Finger Excersises

    Hey Guys, As many of you may know on the Trilogy by Dan & Dave Buck, the third disc, that is the everythingelse disc contains some finger excercises So heres what I want to know How many of you do those regularly each time before you start practicing? If you do do you think it makes...
  16. Jenai

    The Pros & Cons of Magic on Camera

    Hey Guys, First I would like to take this oppurtunity to wish each & everyone of you a verry Happy New Year. This is something ive been meaning to post here for a while but kept forgetting I wanted to know from all of you your opinion on Performing magic on camera. Do...
  17. Jenai

    Sticky Card problem

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if you guys could help me, my cards tend to stick together this really affects me while i fan/spread them.They are about 2 months old Bikes (standard ones) Any ideas of how to get rid of this problem or does it just occur when the cards get old? Also does it...
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