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  1. jok3r

    How to script, and structure a gambling routine?

    I tried several searches but could not find anything on this. I have been practicing gambling techniques (false deals, etc) for a couple years now, and would like to put together an entertaining demonstration. I just have no clue where to even begin. I honestly have never seen one. I just...
  2. jok3r

    Card "magic" tricks vs sleight of hand

    Im not quit sure if the title makes any sense, but that's the only way i could think of explaining what i want to discuss. I'm getting the best reactions i have ever gotten recently. I'm really starting to come into my own as a performer. What i am wanting is a really magical card effect i...
  3. jok3r

    Smoke gimmick charger

    I hope this title is not revealing anything. I will change it if need be. I lost my charger to my smoke gimmick, i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get a new one?
  4. jok3r

    Selling old books/dvds

    I was wondering if you guys knew of a site to sell your magic books/dvd's you no longer want. I know dan and dave had a place on their forums, but they are down for right now. I just have a couple dvd's and books i wanna sell. any idea? Yes i used the search button and couldnt find anything.
  5. jok3r

    Where to sale magic

    I have alot of books and dvds im trying to sell, does anyone know a site to sell magic at?
  6. jok3r

    Short Video Performance

    This is a short video i just edited for my website, the quality isn't great nor is the editing. I just started learning video editing. So the video is more about the performances and not the editing. check it out, let me know what you think.
  7. jok3r

    5 Points for beginners

    lately I've been thinking back to when i first starting getting in to magic, and the looking at the things i wish i would and wouldn't have done. The stuff i wish i didn't buy, things like that. So i thought i would put together some quick tips for beginners. 1. Books vs dvds Get 3 books...
  8. jok3r

    Unofficial theory11 Must Read List

    What's up guys, lately i have really started to understand the importance of books. I just ordered some i wish i would have started off with. I found it's hard to know what what to read, there so much information out there. So i wanted to start this thread so that everyone can come in and...
  9. jok3r

    Table Techniques - DVD vs Book

    I want to start some table work, so of course im going to start studying erdnase. But my question is about learning gambling type moves from book vs dvd. I know learning from books is important, and i have several i am about to start reading. I was wondering the benefits of learning these...
  10. jok3r

    Printing gaff cards

    I have a couple of idea for gaff cards that i haven't seen out yet. I was wondering what the cheapest palce to start printing would be, not that im jumping in a start printing. Im trying to make it myself by splitting cards, but i can't exactly get it too work. So any ideas?
  11. jok3r

    DTF Adventure- get out and perform

    What's up guys, this is a video i just got done editing. Keep in mind this is the first video i have ever edited, so it might be a little rough. The quality isn't super awesome, but it works. Me and jacob were in Downtown Franklin doing some magic, so we hope you like it...
  12. jok3r

    Hilton Head, South Carolina

    What's up guys, I will be in Hilton Head, South Carolina for a month or two coming up pretty soon. I was wondering if you guys know of any magic shops, lectures, or shows going on up there! Also if any of you guys are from that area and wanna get together and jam, I thought it would be cool! So...
  13. jok3r

    Eager to learn

    I have recently wanted several books on presentation and theory, but being a teenager with no job, i am broke. So i checked out both the local bookstores, and libraries. The only thing i found is beginner books on card tricks, which doesn't help me a bit. My question is what books do you guys...
  14. jok3r

    Wayne Houchin Lecture!

    I just got home from the Wayne Houchin lecture in Nashville. The only thing i can say is... WOW Epic night, so much fun. Wayne is the coolest guy you will ever meet. If you get a chance to attend a lecture, GO! Here's some pictures, P.S. im not the greatest photographer...
  15. jok3r

    Video of a routine im working on

    Please keep in mind that this is no where near done, ive been working on it for a couple weeks now. The patter isn't perfect yet, and i messed the ending up. Basically this is just a quick trial run. Any advice, or thoughts would be great. thanks, p.s i know i say 3 instead of 4 a bunch...
  16. jok3r

    Geoff Williams Lecture

    I just got home from the Geoff Williams lecture in Nashville, i just have to say Geoff is amazing! This was one of the best experiences i have had in a while. Geoff is really funny, and his material is gold. You can check his website for dates on his tour, if hes near you i highly...
  17. jok3r

    Danny G - Sam the Bell Hop i just found this i laughed so hard, i thought i would share it. This is bad language just to let you know =]
  18. jok3r


    I was thinking about learning Thunderbird, seems to be a fun bit. I was wondering if how hard it is to learn from the pdf? I know its not easy, and will take alot of practice. Im just wondering how good it is written, etc. was there at one point a 1 on 1 for the effect>? thanks for...
  19. jok3r

    Best Close-up Pad?

    i need a close up pad, wheres the best place to find one, and the best quality for the price. thanks
  20. jok3r

    Epic Snap Changes

    check it out this was made at like 4 in the morning
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