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    Flipper Coin

    graid petty have 2 dvds full of routines with flipper and they are 10 better than jones of metal 3 u can ask magicians if they have they have routines to teach u
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    Saturday Night Contest - Who is Insane?

    lets give a risk guess Stephen Leathwaite
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    filming issues

    filming issues every time I try to film something its bad sometimes its to far and you can t see anything sometimes is the camera is way down and I flash (classic palm) I mean who flashes on classic palm?!?! I need tips or or something to tell my friend wile he film NEED HELP.
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    performance question

    I see many guys doing a trick let say for example Daniel Garcia trick and there is a point after the switch they say "what cards do u have?" they answer "aces" "ok and what do I have?" "kings" they snap the finger and change places. went I see it I like they lie(witch they are) .But...
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    Where can I find this routine?

    its a Ammar rotine 3 coin through silk and nathan Kranzo have a version with 1 coin and u can find it on The Magic Of Michael Ammar vol 2 or 3 I dont remeber
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